Riverdale is one of the most popular shows right now on the CW. I binge watched it over the summer on Netflix and loved it. From the fascinating characters to the eerie plot, the show is very addicting. Right now, it is back for season 2. The plot is a little darker, but the characters are just as amazing. What better way to celebrate season 2 by comparing the characters we love to the Emory dining options we love (or love to hate)?

Betty Cooper: Cox Hall

Cassie Cohen

Cox is always the safe choice for a meal. When you don't want to risk going to the DUCling and not liking the choices or spending too many Dooley dollars, Cox is the way to go. You can never go wrong with Cox- whether you want a salad, wrap, pizza, taco, smoothie, coffee, or a rice bowl.

Betty Cooper is the safe choice in – you know she will always help, care, and be there. You can't go wrong with town sweetheart Betty Cooper.

While she can go dark Betty sometimes and the Cox line can be a little too long during peak times, Betty is the one there for you- just like conveniently located Cox Hall.

Archie Andrews: Farmers Market 

Ally Golden

The Farmers Market is the highlight of the week. Blue donkey coffee, donuts, gelato, bread, granola, and so much more. I always look forward to it and it is my favorite Emory dining option. I never go wrong with what I choose. 

Archie Andrews is the hero of Riverdale just like the Farmers Market saves Emory students on a brutal Tuesday. From when he helped Cheryl out of the ice or investigates a town scandal, Archie cares for others and saves them. He is also exciting and adventurous- the football star and musician.

Archie is the savior of Riverdale's corrupt society the way the Farmers Market saves our tired, run down selves.

Jughead Jones: Peet's

Peet's Coffee. You love this place because of the tea, coffee, and snacks. But, you hate it because it is in the library- the 10 story building that is every students demise. Studying for that midterm at 12:00 am and your stomach is growling- Peet's is where you go. Definitely a love hate relationship. It saves you, but the library tortures you. 

Jughead Jones- a very complicated character. Dating the town sweetheart yet he is a Serpent and his dad is in jail. You love to hate Jughead or hate to love him. But you can't stop thinking about him.

Veronica Lodge: Kaldi's

Stella Davis

Kaldi's. The place you go after a long night out for late night eats, a nice Sunday brunch if you do not want to leave campus, and of course a great coffee fix. You never know why you want Kaldi's. Maybe it is for chicken fingers after Mags or for coffee after you had no sleep. Whatever the reason, a trip to the depot is always exciting and of course yummy. Plus, it is definitely overpriced and will get rid of your Dooley dollars fast

Veronica Lodge is the socialite of Riverdale and the new girl on the block. From the start, her personality enticed me as a viewer. She came from New York where she was a socialite and always partying with the finest clothes and items. You never know with Veronica- she can party like no other and dress to impress, but she can also be an amazing girlfriend, friend, and daughter to those who need it most. 

Veronica wears the best and Khaldi's serves the best, both definitely at a high price. You never know with either of them, but neither disappoint and always leave you wanting more.

Cheryl Blossom: DUCling

Oh the DUCling. You never know with it. Sometimes you may go and get a great meal. Other times you may get..well... pineapple pizza. The DUCling always is surprising. It is a dining option students love to hate.

Cheryl Blossom. The head of the River Vixens. A complicated character to say the least. One day she is cheerleading and the next she is burning down her own mansion. Cheryl is full of secrets, mystery, and surprises. But, she keeps viewers intrigued.

Every time I go to the DUCling I have no idea what I am getting into. I do not know if I will eat and a good amount of time I do not (the 7 times I've been there). When I watch Cheryl on tv I just do not know what she is doing half the time. Either way, people talk about her and the dining hall. Who knew Riverdale's queen bee and Emory's dining hall could be so similar?

Kevin Keller: Starbucks

Sam Tanchel

Starbucks is a wonderful chain and we are so fortunate to have it right on campus! I am a huge Starbucks lover, from the coffee to the pastries such as bagels or cake pops. Starbucks coffee gets rid of my yawns mid day and keeps me awake when all I want to do is take a nice long nap.

Kevin Keller is the sheriff's son. He is such a sweet guy and always there for his friends. Whenever the gang wants to investigate a murder or find out a secret about their town, Kevin is helping. His friends are very lucky to have him.

Starbucks is a wonderful addition to Emory dining just as Kevin is a wonderful addition to Riverdale. 

Josie McCoy: Highland Bakery

Hannah Sekoff

Highland Bakery is a great option at Emory that is often forgotten. They have a wide range of coffees and other drinks, smoothies, sandwiches, pastries, and classic brunch food such as pancakes, omelets, french toast, and eggs. When I am deciding where to eat, I sometimes forget about Highland. But, every time I go I am very satisfied!

Josie is sometimes forgotten, but when you hear her sing and watch her, you remember how great she is. Who doesn't love Josie and the Pussycats? Josie is an example of what a strong woman with a passion is. She may not always get air time, but when she does, I am impressed.

Josie and the Pussycats are great characters in Riverdale. They bring female power and superb tunes to the show. Highland offers a lot of choices for Emory students and you can always try something new on the menu. Now you won't forget about Josie or Highland again.

Riverdale and Emory dining. One is a tv show and one is dining. So different yet so similar. Who knew the characters on a show we love could be so similar to dining we love... or hate. Happy binge watching and eating!