Chef Nathaniel Reid, a Le Cordon Blue Paris graduate, is the chef and owner of Nathaniel Reid Bakery in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2012, Chef Nathaniel Reid was recognized as one of the Top 10 Chefs in America by the Dessert Professional Magazine. He also won the U.S. Pastry Competition in 2010 and was named Pastry Chef of the Year that same year in New York City, where he then became a judge at the competition the following next two years. Since then, he has received a vast list of other recognitions as an outstanding pastry chef. If this hasn’t convinced you yet, read on, for by the end of this article I hope you get a taste (quite literally) of St. Louis’ pastry heaven on earth.  

The Environment 

Located in a small shop in Kirkwood, Missouri, Nathaniel Reid Bakery may just be the culinary experience of a lifetime. When you first walk into the bakery, you are hit by a smell of fresh baked, flaky croissants. What better way to start off your day than a buttery croissant? Chef Nathaniel Reid’s awards hang on the wall, giving even more credibility to how good the food and desserts will be before you even try them. 

The big glass window that separates the storefront from the kitchen, where all the magic happens, is one of the best attributes of the shop. If you look close enough, you may see exactly how the most elaborate desserts are being prepared before being presented to the public. And if you’re lucky enough, you might even catch a glimpse of Chef Nathaniel Reid himself. 

The Food

Just because it has the word “bakery” in its title doesn’t mean that everything they serve is sweet. In fact, their caramelized onion, smoked bacon, and gruyere quiche is by far the best quiche I’ve ever had (and I am a huge quiche fan). They also have a variety of savory croissants including their turkey croissant. Beyond their savory breakfast croissants, they also offer a selection of loaded sandwiches and fresh salads to balance out the sugar high.   

Jackie Decoster

The Desserts

Lissane Kafie

As a 20 year-old foodie with a huge sweet tooth, it is always a dilemma of what pastry to choose. Because Nathaniel Reid Bakery is recognized for their fine selection of pastries, desserts, and cakes, it makes the pending decision that much harder. 

Lissane Kafie

You can never go wrong with a classic pain au chocolat or a cherry danish. But if you want a real taste of the bakery’s highest quality desserts, go with his Yvonne (caramelized white chocolate, hazelnut cake, and strawberries) or a decadent Sambava (chocolate mousse, vanilla bean crème brulée, crispy hazelnut praline). You can even pick something to bring back home or even as a gift for someone special from their house-made jams, macarons, and meringues. 

Lissane Kafie

If you're visiting Nathaniel Reid Bakery, prepare for a sugar high. A sugar high you'll never want it to end. Whether its high class status intimidates or invites you, there will be a hint of curiosity that will catch your attention, make your mouth water, and have your inner foodie doing somersaults out of anticipation.