While most college students don't have the money to eat out every single meal of the day, a girl can still dream about it...right? Well, if I had the funds and the hunger to splurge on a day of eating in Washington D.C. I could pick a different one of my favorite restaurants for every single meal. So if you're feeling crazy and want to try them all in one day, or if you just want some new restaurant recommendations check out where I'd go for a dream day of D.C. dining.

Morning Coffee: Tryst 

chocolate, cappuccino, tea, coffee, espresso
Emmrick McCadden

Tryst is one of those hip and artsy coffee shops that is sure to provide you with a good insta. The Adams Morgan coffee shop gives off major Central Park vibes making you feel like you're on the set of Friends and the menu has a wide array of funky coffees, teas, and plenty of little things to munch on in the morning. If you're looking for a tasty way to get caffeinated that's not just the regular cup of joe check out the Chaipuccino, a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso. Truly the best of both worlds.

Brunch: B Too

Emmrick McCadden

In the sea of trendy brunch options that are available in Washington D.C. B Too just may be my favorite. The specialty here is Belgium waffles, and they are to die for. While they're known for their famous donut waffle aka the #doffle, they also have everything from a french toast waffle to a lobster waffle and the more traditional brunch selections as well. This place is every basic bruncher's dream, with funky decor and couches for chairs you are bound to get the perfect Insta here. Good looks and good food, I'd brunch here every weekend if I could.

Lunch: Swizzler

Emmrick McCadden

Who could resist one of these loaded dogs? The food truck has taken the classic American favorite and added a twist. Their hotdog options can range from simpler choices like a hotdog topped with tomato, basil, and mozzarella, to a hotdog with sauerkraut and onions on top or even one covered in goat cheese, honey, and jalapeños.  The good thing about these dogs are that there's no mystery meat involved, all of Swizzler's franks are 100% grass-fed beef. My dream day of eating surely wouldn't be complete without a Leonardo Dog Vinci and the loaded parmesan truffle fries. 

Post lunch dessert: Pitango Gelato

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Emmrick McCadden

Pitango is the perfect light and fruity dessert with some of the most interesting flavors to choose from. Pitango offers some more traditional fruity gelato flavors but also flavors like Pistachio or Matcha Green tea, that are a little different from something you'd find at your typical gelato shop.

Dinner: Founding Farmers

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Emmrick McCadden

Founding Farmers is definitely a D.C. favorite and it has good reason to be. Known for the farm-to-table food, Founding Farmers has some of the freshest and most unique dishes in town. What I like about this restaurant is that they have a little bit of everything, from chicken pot pie to some funky pastas dishes; there's really something for everyone here. With that to say Founding Farmers just may be my favorite D.C. restaurant. 

Dessert: Captain Cookie and The Milkman 

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Emmrick McCadden

Captain Cookie is definitely one of the most delicious desserts in the district. Homemade cookies with an array of ice cream flavors to choose from, their made to order ice cream sandwiches are always exactly how you want them. The combinations are endless, making for the perfect dessert no matter what you like. 

My day of dream eating in D.C. may not be very realistic, but all of these foods are for sure my favorites. So the next time you're looking for a little something different, check out one of these places and you won't be disappointed.