Dessert is a necessity after dinner. If you resist, I don’t understand you. Most people probably won’t understand you. It’s so important to treat yo’ self, especially since the semester is picking up.

What’s a better way to drown you sorrows about having to read 100 plus pages a night than to get out of the apartment or dorm and head to Harrisonburg’s two well known homemade ice cream shops.

Cherry Chocolate Chip at the Downtown Harrisonburg store! #cherry #icecream #downtownhburg #klines

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Established in 1943, Kline’s has been a traditional go-to place for JMU students to have a cup of the flavor of the week, chocolate, or vanilla. With two locations, you’ve got two flavors of the week to choose from. Fingers crossed for chocolate peanut butter sometime soon please.

You make me happy?❤️

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Another cool joint is Bruster’s. They offer a variety of different flavors everyday that range from Almond Chocolate Coconut to Mint Fudge. It’s common to look around at other people’s ice cream as your order because there’s so much to choose from. Just don’t scare the crap out of a six year old boy by leaning down into his ice cream with wide eyes saying “YUMMY!”

Real talk, though. How do you choose which one to go to? Are ya feeling homemade waffle cones or a cup full of smooth ice cream? Many questions, much answers, such deliciousness. Here’s a head to head showdown between options you can get at both. #foodfight

1. Cones

Nom nom nom.

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Nothing beats a homemade waffle cone, sorry Kline’s. Bruster’s takes this round. They make the cones right on the spot, so all you have to do is pick your flavor/s to top this speciality. Here’s some info on other types of food that taste better with cones.

2. Texture


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Kline’s comes out on top of this category. Shoutout to their smooth ice cream. It’s like a froyo wanna be, but so much better. Is froyo really healthier anyways?

3. Flavor of the week vs. Flavors of the day

It’s nice showing up to Bruster’s to find a wide options of flavors instead of just chocolate, vanilla, and a flavor your may not like. Will the odds be in your favor at Kline’s? Who knows. Bruster’s keeps it real with over 24 to choose from. What type of ice cream flavor are you?

4. Price

I missed you Brusters!!!

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Both places give you yummies for cheap, but Bruster’s gives 50 cents off a regular cup of ice cream if you bring your JAC card or say you’re a JMU student. Hype because college kid broke over here.

5. Instagram Value

Klines, hands down wins at the insta game. It’s not uncommon to find a post of ice cream in the air with the infamous sign in the background. @foodintheair, anyone? For tips on how to step up your foodstagrams, check out this article.

6. Variety

Waffle cone cake! #brusters #brusterscakes #babywaffles

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Bruster’s takes the cake, and can literally make you one. #bless HBD with a side of jealousy to whoever gets an ice cream cake. There’s also shakes, blasts, and sundaes. Nom, nom, nom.

 7. Hours

Cheers to the weekend! #klinesdairybar #celebrate #icecream

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One downfall to Bruster’s is that they close up shop for the winter, and we all know that a craving for ice cream doesn’t end just because it’s a little chilly. Shoutout to Kline’s for being the real MVP and staying open all year long.

And the winner is…

Bruster’s. You’ve won our taste buds and always satisfy our sweet tooth. Klines, you still have our hearts and will always be a fave, but Bruster’s shoutout to ya for makin’ it happen.