The Discovery

Flying all the way from Newark to Madison, I was excited to see the much beloved University of Wisconsin. Not only that, but I was just as anxious to try what I knew would instantly become my favorite pizza: Ian's macaroni and cheese pizza. I had heard a lot about this pizza through Instagram. Many of my friends had uploaded pictures of their slice of mac onto their Instagram and Snapchat stories and tagged Ian's Pizza. From that, I was lured to their page. After scrolling through just a few pictures, I fell in love. From there, it was decided: Ian's macaroni and cheese pizza was the next stop on my map.

At A First Glance

Kaylie Haber

While walking around the area surrounding the school, my dad and I stumbled upon the restaurant (which I found funny since we were just about to look up directions for it.) As my eyes read the sign for "Ian's Pizza", I felt my hunger levels tremendously increase. As soon as I walked in, I was enticed by all of the different options they had: buffalo chicken pizza, brisket pizza —and most importantly—mac and cheese pizza. Seeing macaroni in a pizza pie form was a remarkable sight. Though all the other choices looked appealing, my stomach could only handle one of these face-sized slices. The mac and cheese pizza was screaming my name.

The Wait Is Over

Kaylie Haber

Finally. The moment I had been long awaiting was here. I sat, smiled, and prepared myself to endure on a flavorful, life-altering journey. I picked up the slice, smiled for the camera, and took my very first bite. Within one minute, the entire slice was gone. With every bite being better than the last, I could not put it down. The combination of mac and cheese with pizza was simply too surreal. Upon completion, I knew that it would be hard to ever forget this pizza. Each section covered in creamy, delicious noodles, it is surprising that other restaurants have not mimicked this exact recipe.

Saying Goodbye

Kaylie Haber

When I left the restaurant, I left very content. I was so content that before I had to catch my flight back home the next morning, I returned for more. Only this time, I ordered two slices since I knew it would be a long time until I was back in Madison again. If I attended college here, I would have to allocate enough money aside to use $4 on pizza each day.

On the flight home, I could not stop thinking about the university and my stomach could not stop yearning for more of this pizza. My favorite food is macaroni and cheese and the fact that this pizza exists at Ian's Pizza in Wisconsin makes me ecstatic. If you also love any other macaroni and cheese related substance, check out my Instagram page, @kaylies_mac, where I rate and review the many dishes that I get to try! You won't regret it.