The latest social media food craze has hundreds of people waiting in line for scoops of raw cookie dough. Cookie DŌ NYC is attracting crowds from all over for a go at their dough. When it first opened in January 2017, the lines stretched the entire length of the block. But was a scoop really worth the hype? After seeing the photos and videos shared all over Facebook and Instagram, my friends and I finally gave into the craze and headed over to Cookie DŌ NYC to try it for ourselves.

The Place

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Gabriela Godlewski

My friends and I went to DŌ between classes when the line wasn't so crazy and waited for only 20 minutes. At the front of the line, a worker gave each of us a ticket that would let us into the actual store. Once inside, we were greeted by a bright, colorful interior that was definitely designed as the ideal backdrop for any photo, even if it was a bit overwhelming and sickly-sweet.

The Menu

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Gabriela Godlewski

Cookie DŌ NYC offers 16 different mouthwatering cookie dough flavors, including the classic chocolate chip, brownie batter, sugar cookie topped with colorful sugar sprinkles, and the confetti option with every topping on it. They also offer vegan and gluten-free options. At DŌ, cookie dough is served just like ice cream, scooped into either a cup or a pink waffle cone. One scoop goes for $4, two for $7, and three for $9.

The Moment of Truth

For my first DŌ experience, I ordered two scoops of salted caramel. I took my first bite and...

The dough was good, but it was just regular raw cookie dough repackaged into a pretty-colored cup. Nothing special.

Despite the minor disappointment, I was still happy to have an entire cup of cookie dough to myself. But as I kept eating, finishing the dense dessert became a chore and I just couldn't do it. None of my friends, not even the ones who ordered only one scoop, could finish their cookie dough.

Perhaps DŌ is aware of this, because they advertise that their cookie dough can be taken home and baked into cookies. By that point, we had gotten so sick of the dough that we couldn’t stomach any more of it, raw or baked.

The Verdict

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Gabriela Godlewski

Sure, the store is cute, but it's really not worth the trip. I love cookie dough and can down an entire pint of cookie dough ice cream in seconds. After visiting Cookie DŌ NYC, I realized that sometimes too much of a good thing may be Instagram-worthy, but not worth a long wait. 

But the photo ops are still pretty great.