Recently I visited Dairy Queen, one of the most iconic fast food chains in America.  They are typically known for their ice cream and blizzards. In addition to trying the blizzard of the month, I sampled their new chicken strip basket. The food was not the only thing I came to DQ for—I had a chance to meet a DQ social media marketer and received some tips. It was a great opportunity that doesn't happen every day.

The Review

First, I had the new hot honey chicken strips. These debuted around mid-February and were a limited time offer. I was a bit skeptical about the DQ food, having had nothing but ice cream and blizzards before that. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised. The chicken strips were sweet with a nice kick of spice from the Honey Hot Glaze made with Frank's Red Hot Sauce.

During my visit, I tried the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Blizzard, which happened to be the blizzard of the month. This flavor was chosen back in February for Valentine's Day. Going into this, I wasn't too excited because I am not a huge fan of strawberry. However, the flavor was fresh and not at all artifical or chemical tasting. And to top it off, who doesn't like Ghirardelli chocolate pieces? 

David Salmonson

The Conversation

Before arriving, I had set up a conversation with Marilynne Rich, the Long Island DQ Social Media Marketer. Food aside, it was a great experience. After talking to her for a little while, I was amazed by what she had accomplished. For example, she worked for CBS promoting Monday Night Football.

Our casual, yet informative conversation was nice and relaxed. She asked me some questions, changing up the whole typical interview style. She asked for my opinion on several things; as a teen, she was curious about my opinions on the types of social media. One of the first things we discussed was Spoon. I told her I love to write for Spoon High School because it helps me to further market myself on another social media platform.

Then, she asked me, "Do you think it is weird if a business follows you on a social media platform?" I said, "No, not all". If anything, I appreciate when a business, especially relating to food, follows me on Instagram. I view it as a compliment because recognition by a food-related business makes me feel like I am good at what I do, which is talking about, promoting, and taking pictures of food. I was inspired by our conversation and I find myself thinking more and more about marketing, possibly even as a career. As a result of our conversation, I realized there are so many opportunities in this area.

What Have I Learned?

David Salmonson

From this great experience, I have learned many things. I learned hard work pays off. The fact that my food page made DQ want me to come in and review their new items was pretty amazing. From Marilynne, I learned to not be afraid.  Do not be intimidated,  no matter how big a franchise or corporation may be.  It's always important to reach out. Be confident. If I hadn't taken the initiative to contact DQ, this article would cease to exist.

If your passionate about something, be sure to make an attempt to pursue it. When I started my food page in October, I never thought that it would provide the opportunity to make a insightful connection with a DQ Social Media Marketer.