In the mood for Friday night drinks? Craving both Western AND Asian food? Is your friend group indecisive, and can't decide on a restaurant? Well, these are just a few reasons why Time Out Market should be your go-to eat and drink destination with a variety of cuisines and a bustling 21+ scene. Be sure to follow their Instagram to stay posted on their events such as Drag Bingo, Valentines' Day Pop Ups and Calligraphy Workshops. As a soon-to-be college grad who will be moving out of the Northeastern bubble, I tried every restaurant at Time Out Market Boston.

If you go to school in the Boston area, Time Out Market is located in a super lively area of Fenway with a Target, Trillium Brewery, REI Co-op, and filled with a variety of fun options! 

Student Specials: College students, Time Out also offers fun student deals such as free fries, free hummus, a free (non-alcoholic) beverage, and more, which I will discuss later!

Dia Mahesh

1. Ms Clucks Deluxe 

This mouth-watering chicken and dumpling stall serves ramen, fried chicken, sandwiches and gyoza. As an all-time gyoza lover, my favorite part of the dish we ordered was the crispy cheesy frico crust! The cheese and gyoza filling was definitely an unexpectedly delicious combination. 

Dish Ordered: Chicken, Broccoli & Cheddar Gyoza

Dia Mahesh

2. Cusser's Roast Beef & Seafood 

Calling all fellow seafood lovers! Serving lobster rolls, oysters, in addition to roast beef sandwiches, Cusser's was the perfect place to fulfill all of my Pescatarian cravings. The fish from the taco was super crispy and flavorful, and the pickled onions definitely added a nice touch.

Dish Ordered: Fish Tacos 

Dia Mahesh

3. Taqueria El Barrio 

Mexican food is definitely on my top tier of favorite cuisines. Between my friend and I, one taco each was simply not enough of a meal, so we helped ourselves to two more tacos. The guacamole was super fresh, the pineapple was a nice sour touch, and I always love a good warm taco in the Boston winter. TACO-bout no regrets! 

Dish Ordered: Chorizo Taco, Al Pastor Taco

Student Special: Free (Non-Alcoholic) Beverage (with purchase)

Dia Mahesh

4. Bisq

Although I never was much of a fried chicken person, the chicken strips from Bisq were a great appetizer. Again, served nice, warm, and crispy, these strips were a good snack, especially for splitting between friends. 

Dish Ordered: Chicken Strips 

Student Special: Free (Non-Alcoholic) Beverage (with purchase)

Dia Mahesh

5. Michael Schlow's Italian Kitchen

In the mood for some Italian comfort food? No need to trek all the way to the North End, as Michael Schlow's in Time Out will definitely fulfill all of your Italian food cravings, just like how this delicious, warm and hearty pasta dish did for me.

Dish Ordered: Rigatoni with Spicy Sausage Ragu  

Dia Mahesh

6. Anoush'ella

Anoush'ella is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in the  Boston area. Their Armenian Lebanese cuisine serves fresh, balanced and complex dishes with delicious Eastern Mediterranean flavors infused into every one of them. Their bread is one of my favorite parts, as it's super warm and fresh, and you simply cannot go wrong with any of their mezze (sides). 

Dish Ordered: Walnut Harissa, Baba Ghanoush

Student Special: Side of Hummus  (with purchase) 

Dia Mahesh

7. Source Fenway

This modern take on a traditional pizza parlor should be the next spot for your classic, go-to comfort food aka pizza. My friend and I split "The Fenway" which contained Smoked Ricotta, Sweet Sausage, Red Onion, Confit Potatoes, 2 Eggs and Garlic Truffle Oil, all in a calzone. It was absolutely delicious- warm, soft, flavorful, and definitely one of my favorite dishes at Time Out!

Dish Ordered: The Fenway

Dia Mahesh

8. NU Burger

As a (mainly) pescatarian eater, the Spicy Cauliflower Burger, containing a cauliflower-quinoa-cheddar veggie patty, avocado-pistachio-pesto, red cabbage slaw & NuSauce was a life-changing vegetarian delight. Not to mention, it was my first time trying Haloumi fries, and they were INCREDIBLE (Haloumi is by far my favorite cheese, the last time I had it was when I was abroad in Vienna).

Dish Ordered: Spicy Cauliflower, Korean Bulgogi & Haloumi Fries

Student Special: (Free) French Fries with purchase

Jenny Tungsubutra

9. Gelato & Chill 

With Spring just around the corner, the occasional warm and sunny days in Boston, calls for the perfect treat: gelato. The consistency and texture of the gelato was perfect- super soft, creamy and flavorful. 

Dish Ordered: Hazelnut, Vanilla Butter Cream

Dia Mahesh

10. Gogo Ya

I'm loving this fusion concept of combining two of my favorite foods into one: sushi + taco = sushi taco! These Crispy Nori Sushi Tacos were super crunchy, and flavorful. I could've easily eaten more than two! Definitely a worthwhile and unique appetizer during your next Time Out visit.

Dish Ordered: Torched Salmon Teriyaki, Spicy Big Eye Tuna Sushi Tacos

Dia Mahesh

11. In Chu 

I love a good Banh Mi, and I sure enjoyed eating it in a bowl. InChu offers a variety of options for Asian-inspired bowls, and the combination of flavors intermingling in this salad-based bowl were scrumptious. With red cabbage, carrot slaw, cucumber, pickled daikon, green onion, radish, cilantro, jalapeno, 5 spice honey, banh mi apoli together, you can bet that I tasted the entire rainbow in this beautiful and colorful bowl.

Dish Ordered: Vietnamese Banh Mi Bowl (w/ BBQ Chicken)

Student Special: Free Side (with purchase)

Jenny Tungsubutra

12. Union Square Donuts

Boston is filled with a plethora of donut stores in different locations from Mission Hill to the North End, but Union Square is definitely not a location you should miss. What caught my attention immediately were their fun flavors like Vietnamese Coffee and Baklava! The donuts are also pretty big, so it's a good treat to easily split among friends. 

Dish Ordered: Rocky Road Donut

Jenny Tungsubutra