I subscribed to Everytable for a Week and here is why I think you should too! Firstly, if you haven’t heard of Everytable, it sells meals that are made fresh in a central kitchen in LA every day then sold in-store and by delivery across the LA area. Everytable's uniqueness lays in its success with helping food insecurity problems in LA through their business

Being in Los Angeles we cannot ignore the rising food insecurity and the prevalence of food deserts in our community. Everytable has come up with its own unique business plan which provides healthy meals for 5 dollars (yes, 5 dollars) or 7 dollars. Compared to that campus salad you paid 15 dollars for; Everytable is bringing a new name to healthy eating, affordable.

Everytable is not only changing the lives of those struggling with food insecurity but its new delivery service is almost too convenient for college students. The delivery is customisable, easy to cancel and comes straight to your door. Everytable is incredibly diet inclusive as they have vegetarian options, vegan options AND gluten-free options. 

Anusha Goyal

If you’re thinking healthy food that’s affordable means monotone and bland menus, you are wrong. Everytable has seasonal menus which take advantage of local produce. Moreover, the Jerk Chicken has almost a cult following. Everytable also works with amazing chefs, such as Trap Kitchen, to make their dishes extremely delicious.

My Experience

I tried Everytable for 1 week. My favourite meals from the selection I received were the Bibimbap, Chicken Ceaser Salad and the Superfood cookie. The bibimbap was filling and flavourful. It is a relatively new item on the menu and blew my socks off. The Chicken Ceaser Salad was massive and the dressing was perfect for my taste. The superfood cookie was great because it wasn’t too sweet and still satisfied my sweet tooth.

Anusha Goyal

My favourite points of using Everytable for a week were: 1) I didn’t have to cook but my meals were still cheap and nutritious 2) the delivery came at the assigned time and very well packaged 3) I get to support a company that is doing incredible things for our local community.

Anusha Goyal


Everytable has really changed the name of the game when we talk about healthy eating. Yet they continue to try and better their model. They are working to eliminate their plastic lids in order to lessen their impact on the environment. Also, Everytable introduces a new dish almost every 3 weeks (some of which come from the community itself).

Everytable is must-try subscription service (try it here). I definitely recommend you try it for at least half a week and with Everytable's very generous 10% off code (BRUIN) for our readers it's even more worth the try.