I'm obsessed with avocado toast.  Call me basic, but I'll always be happy as can be, chowing down on what I think is the best thing ever created.  Avocado toast has become one of the most trendy, but healthy breakfast favorites.  Whether it's served with a touch of salt and pepper or topped with an egg and hot sauce, every restaurant has their own unique way of serving their rendition of avocado toast.  These places in Dallas have me going avo-control over their avocado toasts. 

1. True Food Kitchen

Kelsey Sweeney

With a mix of smoked gouda, black sesame, thyme, an organic cooked sunny side up egg, and of course, avocado, all layered perfectly on top of delicious toast, this rendition of avocado toast is definitely one of my favorites. This toast is only on True Food's weekend brunch menu. However, it is worth the five day wait 'til the next weekend. This toast is just that good. 

2. Bar Stellar 

Kelsey Sweeney

This may be the best avocado toasts I have ever had.  I am usually a person who loves her avocado toast topped with an egg, but Bar Stellar proved me wrong.  The cut cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, and cilantro spread on top of the crushed avocado is the best combination I've had.  When I was done with it, all I wanted was more.  If that says anything, I definitely recommend. 

3. Flower Child

Kelsey Sweeney

Available any day of the week and any time during the day, Flower Child's avocado toast is one of my go-to's.  Topped with black sesame, white cheddar, a sunny side up egg, and crushed avocado, this toast is delicious. Also, this toast is perfect paired with one of their homemade teas.

4. Toasted

Toasted, a cafe known for their large array of different types of toasts, does not disappoint. That's right they have multiple kinds of avocado toast.  The one featured above is "Don't Get Salty," which is thick Texas toast topped with crushed avocado, sea salt, pepper, and an over easy egg.  If you want to spice up your avocado toast a little bit, they also offer "Avo-ca-damn," sweet rye bread topped with avocado slices, sriracha red, and sriracha green.   However, you'll definitely need a large cup of water close by for the chug after each bite. 

5. Henry's Majestic

Henry's Majestic's perfectly grilled tuscan bread topped with avocado slices, olive oil, and sea salt is so simple, yet so yummy. Whenever I order this I add two poached eggs to pair with the toast. I especially love how these avocados were not pre-smashed, so I got to smash them how I like it: chunky.  Simple, but delicious, avocado toast at Henry's Majestic is never a mistake.  

It's suffice to say Dallas has an endless supply of avocado toast to crave everyone's hankering.  These are some of my favorites, but the list definitely does not end here!