Over the last few months, my Instagram feed has been full of a dessert I'd never seen before. After wondering what these truffle-type treats were, I found out they were a Brazilian dessert called Brigadeiros. A combination between a caramel and a truffle, they're bite-sized, rich, and creamy desserts traditionally eaten at family gatherings.

The Origin

Back in 1945, during the Brazilian election, presidential candidate Brigadier Eduardo Gomes, alongside his wife, held fundraising events. And the best way to get people to come to an event like Gomes'? Serve food.

Gomes did just that. He served small little candies made from some of the cheapest ingredients— butter, sweetened condensed milk, and cocoa powder. After a long day of questions from the population, many of the canvassers needed a little something to take the edge off. In this case, they were the candies Gomes' wife had made.

The candies followed the Gomes wherever they went, and they soon went by the name of "sweeties of Brigadier." When translated into Portuguese, it becomes "dochino de Brigadiero". They are now known for short as Brigadeiros.

The Taste Test

For my first foray into the Brazilian sweet, I had to get the best of the best from Maya's Brigadeiros, who makes her candies by hand in California. Each truffle is rolled by hand and placed into its own little cup. Maya's Instagram lured me in with their delicious pictures of the hundreds of creamy brigadeiros and adventurous flavors.

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Marisa Palace

Maya was super sweet and sent me over a box of the premium assorted truffles right to my doorstep. Each Brig, while small, was packed with mounds of flavor. I was able to try the 6 of the most popular flavors. I finally got to see what all the hype was about and I've offically joined the craze.

Of the six flavors I was able to sample, the Chocolate Honey Almond really did it for me. The sweet and salty combination of the roasted slivered almonds and the creamy chocolate center is a flavor combination that shouldn't be forgotten about. 

Where to Buy Your Own

Ready to try some for yourself? Maya's Brigadeiros are sold online at her website. You can buy a box (or two) for yourself, or even have them at any type of event. Brigadeiros are supposed to be eaten with family and friends, so make sure you share.