Now this might sound crazy, but yes, I am willing to drive to Connecticut just to get ice cream. When you hear about Milkcraft, though, you'll be driving to Connecticut just for ice cream too.

What Is Milkcraft?

A few years ago my dad and I stumbled across Milkcraft, an ice cream place in Fairfield, Connecticut, off a suggestion of a friend. Since finding it, Milkcraft has become a pit stop for every trip to New York, or any time we are remotely nearby in Connecticut. Milkcraft focuses on "eating better ice cream" through their small batch method. Each ice cream is made right there in front of you in the store. But wait, there's more! Milkcraft freezes each ice cream in front of you using liquid nitrogen (aka it makes for a sick video). Milkcraft explains that the liquid nitrogen makes smaller ice crystals, allowing for them to create the smoothest ice cream you could ever ask for.

The Ice Cream

Michaela Gillis

You've driven all the way to Connecticut just for ice cream and none of these epic flavors will let you down. Whether it's cookie butter, red velvet, salted caramel or s'mores, all of the flavors never fail to impress. I try a new flavor each time I go and have yet to be disappointed by any of them. Each of these flavors are topped with extra goodies that take the flavors to another level. For example, "S'mores Campfire" is served with graham cracker crumbs and a giant roasted marshmallow (see above).

Even cooler than a giant marshmallow on your ice cream, the "Cookie Butter Blue" is a blue ice cream made with cookie butter and topped with cookie crumbs. 

Michaela Gillis

They even have a Red Velvet flavor for the cake enthusiasts that is topped with crumbs of red velvet cake and a delicious Vermont creamery cheese. This is only the beginning of all the flavors they have, and there truly is something for anyone and everyone. All of these flavors can be served in a dish, cone, or even donut, whichever "vessel" you prefer. 

The Cones...

All of their ice cream is homemade and made from all natural ingredients. To top it all off, these ice creams are served in "HONG KONG style" waffle cones. These cones are the shape of a waffle cone, but they are the same warm and fluffy texture as a waffle (see below).

...or Donuts!

There is also the option to get your ice cream in a glazed donut! They're making it pretty easy for you to #eatfortheinsta.

The Store

The creamery itself is super cool and modern. The original Fairfield location has a patio outside that is open year-round with fire pits for the cold winter months. Inside, there is a huge feature wall that serves as the perfect backdrop for your next #foodstagram and the store design has a very industrial chic ~aesthetic~. The store is open and airy feeling with plenty of room to watch in awe as your ice cream is created in front of you.

Outside, the patio is filled with fun and modern furniture to lounge on and enjoy on a beautiful summer day, or to fall into your food coma after you're finished devouring your gigantic cone of ice cream. 

Since I first discovered Milkcraft, they have opened another location in West Hartford, Connecticut, and a mobile food truck. Once you've been here and tasted the goodness, you can't stop yourself from taking a roadtrip to Connecticut just for ice cream. So grab your besties, and pile in the car; you'll thank us later for the epic squad ice cream pic.