Upon making the decision to go to school in a suburban area,  I feared the absence of Asian restaurants/markets. In New York City, where my home is, there is a plethora of Asian stores literally on every other street, so you could only imagine how difficult of an adjustment this was for me. But after doing some investigating, I found hope for my taste buds near my school with a place known as the Oriental Market that put my cravings at ease. 

The Oriental Market is located in Hyde Park, which is conveniently close drive to where I go to school. The market is a family business run by Windy-Lu Ramos Quiambao and her husband Kelvin Quiambao.

In the market, customers can find a diverse selection of Asian products: Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and more. These products include sauces, snacks, desserts, canned goods, drinks, vegetables, etc.  

tea, beer
Jamelia Thompson

This market welcomes a diverse group of people and satisfies the needs of those who not only enjoy Asian foods but also satisfy those who miss home--especially college students.

In addition to supplying food products, the market also provides catering and dine in services. Eating in the same place that you can do your food shopping--talk about convenient right?

chicken, meat, beef
Jamelia Thompson

When my friend and I visited, I enjoyed a plate of Jasmine rice with bbq pork and gravy with a plate of pork estofado.  Everything was cooked to perfection and the best part about it was that the owners did not use MSG in any of their recipe

"I make home cooked food not restaurant food," said owner Ramos Quiambao.
rice, beef, beans, pork, chicken
Jamelia Thompson

In the oriental market, there is a very cozy and relaxing seating area, where you can enjoy your food and not feel pressured to eat and leave.   

beer, cheese, pizza
Jamelia Thompson

Finding this place has been a miracle. I've made it a mission to eat there more often as it has satisfied my tastebuds and is guaranteed to satisfy yours. 

If you're interested and enticed in visiting Hyde Park Oriental Market, you can find it at: 419 Violet Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601