Not really sure what all was going on with the donut that I ordered, but if I have anything left to say about it, it is, "mover over Krispy Kreme, there is a new donut shop in town." According to them, they are open 25 hours, 8 days a week. Hurts Donut is the specialty donut shop that you wish you had in your town. If you are lucky enough to live in one of the 11 cities, Lincoln being one, then DONUT pass up the opportunity. Get your wild sided, sweet tooth, donut craving ass to Hurts. I promise it Hurts so good!

So What's The Hype?

Did I  mention they are open 25 hours a day and 8 days a week? If that isn't enough to get you in then I don't know what you want from a donut shop. If having a really cool and crazy donut from Hurts just isn't cutting it for you and you are thinking to yourself, "wow I need something bigger and better," they have you covered. Besides having some of the most intricate donut creations, they glass it up into milkshake form. 

The Donuts

Ok, their claim to fame. The donuts. When I say they dont have your typical donuts, I mean it. Pink Lemonade donut? Yes. Slim Shady donut? Yep (do not be fooled, there is nothing slim about it) Apple Pie donut? Duh. And for all the basic bitches out there, yes, they have your Nutella donut for you. That is just a quick synapses of what they have for you. It is kind of like what ever you could possibly be feeling, they probably have, type of deal.

The Milkshakes

In other words, a beautiful mess in a glass. Allow me to introduce to you the donut milkshake. Stop trying to imagine it because you just cant. It is too ridiculously indulgent and better than any boring milkshake you have ever had. Yes, they stick a donut on top of the glass, which already sounds like a little glass of heaven, but it is what's inside that really matters. All the components of a milkshake, plus your fave donut all whizzed together giving you the creamiest, sweetest, treat you could ever ask for. You might have to save up and accumulate those "cheat day" passes, because this is about to blow your mind (and your diet).

So, if you cant for some reason find time in your 25 hours of your day to stop in, keep and eye out for the traveling donut truck they have. Bottom line, you will never look at anything else or anyone, the way that you look at this donut. To all my Lincoln friends, peace, love, and Hurts!