There are a ton of restaurants on Figueroa, and, to be perfectly honest here, most of the ones around USC are a little sketchy. Because college students are eternally lazy, we all go still to them anyway. Here to save your hunger and your wallet? Ono Hawaiian BBQ is one of the rare few that is more than just convenient--it is delicious, too.

Ono is a Hawaiian meets Teriyaki kind of restaurant. While it is not another açai bowl place, it does have really good food for when you want something a little different and a little cheaper. You can choose from an array of meats including chicken, seafood, beef, and pork, different appetizers and two sauces. For my vegetarian friends, this place is not for you. Meat lovers, rejoice!

My meat-loving sister and I went to Ono to check it out, and we were pleasantly surprised by the food. We tried a bunch, but here are our favorite items from the menu. 

Island Fire Chicken

A classic at Ono, the Island Fire Chicken is insanely good and pretty darn spicy. It is a must-try if you can handle the heat. 

Kalbi Short Ribs 

In my sister's words, it is "the bomb." Enough said. 

Chicken Katsu

This combines chicken and white fish in a interesting "Surf N' Turf" style. Top it off with one of Ono's delicious sauces, and you've got yourself a pretty good lunch. 

The next time you are looking for lunch (let's face it, when aren't college students looking for lunch?) and you don't want to break your entire meal budget, stop at Ono.

P.S. On the inside, this place looks nothing like a fast-food place. It's actually pretty. There are plants and cool lights hanging from the ceiling in a way that screams "trendy restaurant."

Lacey Pike

Just thought I'd point that out. :)