@HungryGirlsDoItBetter has taken over the Atlanta foodie Instagram scene with a survey of delicious eats across the city. Both members of the partnership trace their passion for food back to their time at Florida State University and their big move to "the greatest city of all time," Atlanta. Over the past few months, I decided to try three of their top restaurants and find out if these spots lived up to the craze.

1. No.246

They call this italian hotspot in the heart of Downtown Decatur "numero UNO in our books." The restaurant prides itself on seasonal cooking with high-quality ingredients under the motto of "letting the food speak for itself." 

The first dish featured on their review of No.246 is the Cacio e Pepe. The Cacio e Pepe is known for a perfect mix of black pepper, parmesan, butter, and spaghetti.

@HungryGirlsDoItBetter's Cacio e Pepe: 

Upon hearing that Hungry Girls Do It Better thought this Cacio e Pepe would make Anthony Bourdain go weak in the knees, I knew I had to give it a try. Despite the seemingly simple ingredients, the Cacio e Pepe carried a strong and rich flavor. The main ingredient, "Pecorino Romano," provided a sharp and unforgettable taste to the cheese part of the dish. 

My Cacio e Pepe:

Eugenia Giampetruzzi

I absolutely loved the Cacio e Pepe but I knew I couldn't stop there. Next up was the Rigatoni all'Amatriciana. It's recipe consists of rigatoni with delicious pancetta, chili, garlic, and basil.

@HungryGirlsDoItBetter's Rigatoni all'Amatriciana

Here's a picture from my tasting: 

Eugenia Giampetruzzi

Since the menu had changed a bit by the time I visited, I got a special twist on the Rigatoni all'Amatriciana with added bolognese. The sauce was deliciously rich to the point where we could taste the authentic mix of tomatoes, garlic, wine, and herbs.

Once I knew No.246 was everything Hungry Girls Do It Better had described and more, I decided to adventure a bit further into the menu. Here's what I would most recommend: 

Other notable dishes:

Scallops Meuniere: 

Who would've thought the best sea scallops I would ever try would be accidentally encountered at an Italian restaurant in Atlanta! The garlic, white wine, butter, and cayenne pepper made this my favorite dish of all time. 

Eugenia Giampetruzzi

Roasted Halibut: 

The Halibut came close to beating the scallops with a mildly spicy yet sweet string of flavor. 

Eugenia Giampetruzzi


The best appetizer! It comes with a portion of creamy Stracciatella cheese covered in pistachio, extra virgin olive oil, and honey. 

Eugenia Giampetruzzi

Best of all the stracciatella comes paired with a delicious tray of garlic bread baked to perfection.

Eugenia Giampetruzzi

2. Bartaco

The next restaurant on the list was Bartaco. With great locations right on Highland Ave, West Midtown, and Chastain Park, Bartaco is hard to miss. It's owners describe it as inspired by the beach culture of Brazil, Uruguay, and southern California. 

Unfortunately, both tacos featured on Hungry Girls Do It Better are part of the #bartacosecret taco menu that had changed by the time I got around to trying it. 

Even though I couldn't get my hands on the secret menu, I was still excited to try their famous tacos. We first swapped the corn tortillas for bibb lettuce which added an extra crunch and some more room for different tacos. Here are my favorites: 

Mojo Pork Carnitas & Baja Fish: 

The Mojo Pork tacos lived up to their fame. Each bite provided a taste of the tangy mojo sauce that deliciously complements the slow-roasted pork. The Baja Fish came in a close second with a spicy tempura-battered cod and chipotle slaw.

Eugenia Giampetruzzi

Tuna Tatako & Roasted Duck: 

The Tuna Tatako came with an amazing combination of ancho-crusted tuna and Asian slaw. Then to finish it off, the roasted duck with a mouthwatering tamarind glaze. 

Eugenia Giampetruzzi

3. Amorino 

After all that pasta and tacos, I decided to top it all off with some dessert. It doesn't get better than Amorino's artisanal gelato. Luckily for every gelato lover, they just opened a new location in Buckhead that is totally worth it. Their amazing presentation ensures every gelato is put together as a rose and topped with a macaroon of your choice!

Here's their review of the sorbet and stracciatella + chocolate flavors:

I started with a combination of the mango sorbet, stracciatella, and blueberry cheesecake. The best part of the sorbet was definitely the authentic flavor of the Indian Alphonso mango, a favorite for its richness and sweet flavor.

I then tried the Hazelnut and Ecuadorian chocolate with a chocolate macaroon to top it off.

Eugenia Giampetruzzi
Eugenia Giampetruzzi

After just three restaurants and a couple of months following their account, I have loved @hungrygirlsdoitbetter city reviews and a balance between quick and upscale dining set them apart. I am certainly differing all questions Atlanta food-related to Hungry Girls Do It Better.