When I first came back to UBC from summer break, I couldn't help but notice some changes in the food choices we were given. The end of construction of UBC's Central provides us with some new restaurants, a cafe, and a new dessert place. UBC's Nest also had some renovations and changes to their menus. It's already a month and a half into the new semester, and I wanted to share some of the changes I saw.

Honour roll

Angelica Tso

One of the new changes of Honour Roll was that they finally started serving their bowls nice and hot. With a new shelf added to them, they began to make and sell foods that no longer had to be microwaved. In their sushi section, it was interesting to see that they have added combo menus, where you can enjoy some nigiri and rolls.

Personally, I still think the pricing on their menus are quite expensive, especially when we have the food court just a minute away from our campus.

Iwana Taco

Odie Huynh

The place at the Nest where Flip Side used to be has changed their cuisine and name. Instead of selling fish and chips and burgers, Iwana Taco provides us with Mexican food that I have been craving for.

While the pricing of their menu seemed quite expensive in my personal opinion, their quantity of food that I was provided with was pretty decent. 


Cameron Carvalho

Located in the newest building, Central, Nori provides us with some hot-served Udon and Bento, as well as delicious tempura and karage. What was interesting about Nori was the variety of their menus and an extremely delicious Onsen egg. It is nice to finally have a place that sells warm soup and noodles at UBC. 

Nori was the first food place I went to once the semester began and thought to myself, "It was worth spending my money on the bowl of udon." The decent quantity and the hot soup fills and warms you up.

Rain or Shine

Athena Huynh

To resolve the disappointing close of Qoola, Rain or Shine has opened its doors to students to provide us with some chilled dessert. Their famous London Fog and Honey Lavender ice cream flavors are in the store, as well as other delicious flavors that are perfect for whether its raining– or shining.

Again, this is a rather personalized experience I had with the new places at UBC. There are definitely places I haven't tried yet. So, go out and explore the new exciting food places that are offered on campus.