Ever just stare at Ronzio’s menu and not know what to order? I’m here to help you. Here’s a day to day guide of what to order to satisfy your tummy.



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The worst day of the week. This is your day to indulge and try not to think about all the shit you have to get done this week. If you’re a cheese lover, this is your day for some chili cheese fries. If you know you’re gunna have a long week, make sure you make it a large order. It will fill you up and you’ll be ready to head to the library to finish some work, or you can hop right into bed and go into a food coma.



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For some of us, the second worst day of the week. For others, its time to start drinking and participate in TNR (Tuesday Night Rentes). For those of you not drinking, you’ll want to eat your weekly homework sadness away in a chicken, bacon, and broccoli calzone (with a side of ranch for those of you feeling dangerous). If that’s too much cheese for you, a second best choice would be a chicken parm sub. And for those of you at Rentes, you’ll prolly be too full on the free popcorn when you get back.



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Well technically it’s almost the weekend, right? The one night you have to relax before weekend festivities begin. Tonight’s the night to grab your friends, watch a movie and order delivery. And by order delivery, I mean a large mac & cheese and bacon pizza. It’ll be so good you and your friends will be fighting for the last piece and the ones who don’t get it will be eating the bacon that fell off the pizza from the box.



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Woohoo! You almost made it through the week. For most of the ladies, you know where you’ll be tonight, at Effin’s dancing your tushy off. So when you get back to campus at 1 am, you’ll be able to fill up on Ronzios. If your like me and most of the kids on campus, you’ll be too lazy, tired and impacient to wait for actual food to cook. You’ll go right for the slices. I would recommend two slices of bbq chicken or buffalo for those who like a little spice. If that doesn’t fill you up, I promise no one will judge you for getting an extra third slice.

Friday and Saturday


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Congrats, you made it through the week. Time to have fun with friends and make sure you make it to Ronzios before it closes at the end of the night. These are the nights that your stuck with whatever they got left. If you don’t like pepperoni, you might have to pick it off if someone buys the good stuff first. May the luck be in your favor.



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Welcome to the day of relaxation. Time to indulge in some mozzarella sticks and cinnamon sugar dough boys. My mouth is already watering. The best way to eat it is laying down in you bed but be careful not to get the sugar all over your sheets.

In case this got you all hungry like I am right now, here’s the Ronzio’s menu so you don’t have to leave your bed.