While it is best known as the heart of Silicon Valley and the origin of today’s hottest new startups, Palo Alto is also one of the foodiest cities around. It has a little something for everyone and definitely is up-to-date on all of today’s top food trends. Let me tell you, three days is not enough time to experience all of the eats that Palo Alto has to offer. But if you are just in town for the weekend, here’s a taste of Palo Alto’s best.

Day 1

Breakfast: Douce France

Palo Alto

Photo courtesy of Ailin K. on yelp.com

This French-inspired café lies in the heart of Town and County Village. Featuring warm and crispy crepes topped with nutella and fruit, Douce offers delicious pastries and sandwiches including chocolate dipped croissants and their signature caprese baguette. Their hot chocolate and chai latte drinks are also delightful on a cold and rainy day.

Lunch: Sprout Café

Palo Alto

Photo courtesy of T.D. on yelp.com

Whether you want to grab and go or enjoy a sit down meal with a friend, Sprout tailors their salads to your heart’s desire. I don’t know about you, but I’m very picky with my veggies. At Sprout, you can design your own salad or choose a signature salad, tossed with the freshest ingredients (and many to choose from).

While their salads are most popular, this hoppin’ lunch spot offers a variety of tasty sandwiches, soups and small plates. If you’re in a hurry, you can even order straight from your phone for pre-paid pickup on an app called Order Ahead.

Dinner: Nola

Palo Alto

Photo courtesy of Cia G. on yelp.com

Palo Alto’s most dynamic restaurant and bar Nola is a great choice for a night out, whether it be for a cocktail, birthday dinner, or the first stop on your bar crawl. Presenting a Cajun fusion menu with Southern staples such as chicken and waffles, the NOLA menu will satisfy all. To complement the finger-lickin’ food, NOLA crafts delicious thirst quenching cocktails such as the Blackberry Briar and the Strawberry Ginger Mojito — perfect for a hot summer night with friends.

Day 2

Breakfast: Bare Bowls

Palo Alto

Photo courtesy of Heejin K. on yelp.com

One of the hottest (and healthiest) food trends for summer, acai bowls are a delectable way to start your day. Bare Bowls offers a fresh start to your morning with classics such as the Cardinal Bowl with blended acai and berries or the Sunrise Pitaya Bowl (if you’re feeling bold).

Lunch: Sushiritto 

Palo Alto

Photo courtesy of Debbie D. on yelp.com

Do you love burritos? Do you love sushi? If you answered “yes” to both questions, then Sushiritto is your place. You know it’s good because there is an hour long line at all hours of the day, so it’s not the move if you’re in a hurry.

This revolutionary eatery combines two of the greatest foods on the planet wrapped into a seaweed roll of deliciousness. My favorite is the Salmon Samba, containing oven-baked agave soy salmon, tempura asparagus, Namasu cucumber, butter lettuce, avocado, wasabi dust, and teri-mayonesa. Or, if you’re one to stick to the classics, the Sumo Crunch is like a California Roll in burrito form. Need I say more?

Dinner: Reposado

Palo Alto

Photo courtesy of Owie N. on yelp.com

High ceilings and a vivacious atmosphere encompass this divine restaurant. With margaritas to die for and freshly made guacamole, Reposado’s menu features the classics in addition to more a more traditional Mexican cuisine including crepas con mariscos, pollo rostisado con mole, and salmon yucatan.

Day 3

Breakfast: Coupa Café

Palo Alto

Photo courtesy of Kristie C. on Yelp

Tucked away on a side street of the bustling downtown Palo Alto, this cozy coffee shop fosters a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, whether you’re on a date, hosting a business meeting, or joining some friends for coffee. Featuring breakfast staples, in addition to traditional Venezualan items, you can’t go wrong at Coupa.

To complement a delicious meal, coffees are brewed with super fair trade organic coffee beans and are adorned with personalized latte art. My favorite drinks include the Tiger Spiced Chai and the Spicy May Hot Chocolate. Home to techies and teens alike, Coupa is bustling with energy. You never know — the next startup could be founded at the table next to you.

Lunch: Oren’s Hummus

Palo Alto

Photo courtesy of Nique F. on Yelp

For all of you hummus fans out there, this is your spot. Nothing like your average tub of hummus, Oren’s layers in blended spices and secret sauce to satisfy your hummus craving. Hummus entrees are made to share and are accompanied by warm freshly baked pita bread.

Dinner: Cafe Riace

Palo Alto

Photo courtesy of Gill C. on Yelp

Say “Ciao” to this gorgeous dining spot located off California Ave in the heart of Palo Alto. If you’re into Italian, this is the place for you and the perfect way to cap your Palo Alto food tour. With a beautiful outdoor terrace and traditional Italian decor, you will feel like you’re actually in Florence.

Grab a glass of wine and one of their traditional pasta dishes and you are in for a treat. My favorite pasta is the fettuccine salmone, and if you’re extra hungry the pollo parmigiano is a must-order.

With these suggestions, you will surely leave the heart of Silicon Valley with a full stomach and a reason to come back.