As a lover of sushi, paying $10-20 per a roll for multiple rolls adds up quick. Luckily, Yamato's in Brighton has us covered. Conveniently located right off the B line, it's easily accessible to BC students. Plus it's only 17 bucks for all the sushi you can eat. Yeah, you read that right. But you gotta know how to do it right. That's what this article is here for. 

When to go: 

Emily King

If you are interested in Yamato's all you can eat option, the price can vary depending on the day and time you go. In short, weekdays are cheaper than weekends, and lunch is cheaper than dinner. In all cases, you are allowed to get get as much sushi as you want, so it is best to take advantage of the cheaper times

What to order: 

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Yamato's sushi is surprisingly extremely fresh and delicious for their cheap price. However, the all you can eat deal covers much more than sushi. Included in the $17 is all you can eat salads, soups, noodles, fried rice, meat, dumplings, edamame, and dessert-  vanilla and fried vanilla ice cream, green/red tea, fried banana and fried locus. 

How much to order: 

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The one major thing to take into account when ordering is the fact that you will be charged for what you do not finish. The server will remind you this as you order. This means you cannot go all out and order multiple of every roll that looks good to you. Generally speaking 2-4 rolls per a person is able to be finished and still a very good deal for what you are paying. It is better to order a moderate amount and then order more when the server comes back around than it is to order way too much and to be stuck with a hefty bill for something you didn't even eat. 

How to pay:

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This place is perfect for larger groups of friends or clubs. The same flat rate of $17 a person makes splitting the bill extremely painless. However be warned: this place will not accept more than 5 credit cards (thank god for Venmo). Also, paying in cash will lower the price of the bill by reducing each individual's order by $1 (which now makes it $16 per person!).

How to act like you know what you're doing:

- For knowing how to decipher the sushi menu see this extremely helpful article.

- For knowing how to correctly consume your sushi in a Japanese restaurant click here.

- And for knowing what to order when you are trying to be healthy check this out. 

All in all, if you know these basic rules of Yamato's has seriously delicious sushi for an amazing deal. If you are in the Boston College area it is a must try!