I think about 70 percent of my family's diet consists of pizza. Homemade, store bought, delivery, restaurant—you name it, we'll eat it. When we were little, my brother used to fight my parents to order pizza off the kids menu, and my mom always rebutted, "You need more pizza like you need a hole in your head." As such, at least one person in my family has had pizza in every country we have visited. Even though we've eaten all these amazing and unique toppings from around the world, we come home to Canada and to all the same boring toppings. So, what if you want to explore the pizzas of the world but not break out the passport? Well, join me in my discovery of pizzas around the world. You don't even need to leave your couch.

1. The United States

Let's start local. Some of the best pizzas come from our own backyard, and are filled with yummy ingredients you can find in your fridge.

New York Style

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Emily Genzer

This iconic styled pizza grew out of the beloved Neapolitan pie from Italy. Made from chewy yet crunchy thin crust, this widely sliced pizza is most enjoyed topped with sauce and mozzarella cheese. Mostly eaten folded in half and on the go, this slice is a favorite by many. 

Chicago Deep-dish

With edges folded and moulded high enough to stop a flood, deep dish pizza is a winner for anyone who wants everything and the kitchen sink in their pie. Typically filled with lots of cheese and topped with chunky tomato sauce, this deep  dish styled pizza is loved time and time again by pizza fanatics.

2. Italy

How could this article not include Italy? The pizza I enjoyed in Italy was probably the best I've ever had.  Italy has come up with some classic combinations that have made their way across the world and are even the basis for many newer recipes. 


One of the most famous pizzas in the world, topped with only tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, it is the father of the classic New York pie. The trick with Neapolitan pizza is it is only made with San Marzano tomatoes, which are grown in the volcanic plains of the south of Mount Vesuvius. This pizza is by far the best you can have in all of Italy.


Bianca pizza isn't like the traditional pizza we order for dinner on the way home. It's more like a garlic bread than anything, topped with olive oil, garlic and other herbs. Add in some mozzarella cheese to spice it up.


This rectangularly shaped pizza is one that has a crust with a twist. The crust is spongey, rather than dense and chewy, yet still has a crispy bottom. Traditionally topped with onions, anchovies, tomatoes, oregano, and sheeps milk cheese, this pizza is an Italian dream!.

3. Hungary

Venturing into my heritage, we stumble upon Hungarian "pizza." This dish is one that has become a popular street food across the country, and is known for its deliciousness and versatility.


Lángos is a fried Hungarian bread, which can be topped in any way desired. A popular combination is cheese, sour cream and ham, although some choose to make them more sweet than savoury. To turn it into a "dessert pizza" my brother and I top our Lángos with cinnamon and sugar to make it taste like a classic beavertail.

4. Spain

Next up on this list is Spain! The perfect place to find the pie that's perfect for every one to enjoy.


A spanish pizza, typically with no cheese and no sauce, is a Spanish favorite by many. Made instead with ingredients like caramelized onions, peppers, and paprika, it's delicious combination will make you forget about the lack of sauce and cheese completely. This pizza is even naturally vegan,  so everyone can enjoy.

5. Turkey

Now we dive into the land where pizza takes a little spin. But don't worry, it's equally as delicious as your typical slice.


Lahmacun are essentially minced spiced lamb and tomato flatbreads. Made with lots of spices to give it extra kick and flavor, you'll be glad you strayed from your traditional slice long enough to give this a try.

6. Lebanon

Like a sister to Lahmacun, this not so traditional pizza is sure to please your tastebuds equally as happy.


Manakish is dough topped with ingredients such as thyme, cheese and/or ground meat. It can be sliced up or folded in half, and is served for either breakfast or dinner, what ever you're feeling! The dough is traditionally sculpted out, so that the toppings can sit inside. The name for this action is what gives Manakish it's name. 

7. Poland

Get ready for an even bigger twist on pizza, which is sure to satisfy your tastebuds. This common street food has become a polish "pizza" favorite. 


Served as an open faced sandwich topped with sautéed mushrooms, cheese, and whatever else you please, it is heated until all the cheese melts into stringy goodness. Topped with hot ketchup as it's sauce, it's the perfect alternative to grabbing a slice.

13. Argentina

Not to be confused with it's cousin Fugazzeta, this pie is sure to make you smile and make your tummy equally as satisfied.


This pizza is a completely uniquely Argentinian dish, with a thick, airy crust that will make your mouth water. Topped with a big pile of sweet onions and mozzarella cheese, and baked in a deep pan to keep that pile of food inside, this dish is one we would travel all the way to Argentina just to eat.

14. Japan

Literally meaning "grill as you like it," this Japanese spin on a pancake/pizza is going to make you book your flight to Japan ASAP.


Known as Japanese pizza, this is a dish that really includes everything. Filled with eggs, shredded cabbage, meat/protein, and topped with a variety of condiments, this pizza like pancake is sure to make you rethink the way you do pizza.

16. Iceland

And last but not least, we end with what I could consider to be the weirdest pizza I've ever heard of. Just when you thought pineapples on pizza was weird enough, Iceland decided to create a fruit pizza even... more unique. 

Banana Pizza

Banana pizza is one that you shouldn't knock until you try it. Paired with other toppings such as blue cheese and peanuts, the weird combinations just seem to keep coming. Most often, bananas replace pineapple on the controversial Hawaiian pizza, making an even more fun fruit pizza that you just gotta try.

With so many combinations to choose from and so many countries to eat out of, it may seem impossible trying to decide what kind of pizza you're going to make next. But trust me,  you definitely want it to be one of these.