As the saying goes: Saturday is for cracking a cold one with the boys. However, when I decided to intern in India this summer, I ended up 10,00 miles and a 12 hour time difference away from my boys, as well as my girls and gender non-binary friends. Basically everyone I know. What I wasn't lacking, thankfully, is cold ones.

Bangalore has been called many things, from India's Garden City to its Silicon Valley. More importantly, the city's laidback atmosphere compared to its northern counterparts of Mumbai and Delhi has encouraged a bar scene that has earned Bangalore the honor of "India's Pub City." This scene has led to microbreweries popping up, breweries that are thriving due to the love of receptive expats and city youth.

With nothing else to do on my Saturdays, I decided that I still owe it to my boys to crack a cold one and try out the breweries Bangalore had to offer. After a quick prayer to local gods that the city's notorious traffic consumes no more than half my day, I headed out into the city. I found a vibrant brewing scene with great quality beers and some really fun bars.

1. Big Pitcher

Big Pitcher was the first stop on my tour. The "megabar" boasts 5 floors, each with different themes. I sat on the third, with a slightly questionable colonial safari theme to it, but comfy sofa chairs and a view of the city. The six beers they have on tap are an IPA, stout, lager, hefeweizen, witbier, and a seasonal offering, which I soon realized would be the standard everywhere I went. I liked the price and service here.

Beer to try: The witbier was surprisingly good, with a slight sourness that added flavor to what is normally a mild beer.

2. Toit

Toit is lively. The sort of lively that leaves you wondering how three storeys can seem so filled up. I really enjoyed the open floor plan Toit has that makes its multiple floors seem like one big party. I had to walk all the way up to the third floor to find space but I guess that's what you get at Bangalore's oldest brewery. Ask for their brewery tours.

Beer to try: The blonde here is hard to go wrong with.

3. Arbor Brewery Company

Arbor is a bar after my own heart. On the top floor of a central Bangalore building, it boasts a large outdoor area, fooseball tables and some really good food. As an outpost of the Michigan based Arbor Brewery, it also has an excellent roster of beers to sample from, including a few local recipes.

Beer to try: Arbor ended up being the bar I took friends back to, and you cannot go wrong with their beers, especially the stronger, more flavorful ones. I really enjoyed the sour, beach shack IPA and the spiced bollywood blonde.

4. Prost

Prost is the Germanic word for "cheers" and is a call that can be heard through Eastern European bars and beer houses. Bangalore's Prost takes after this tradition and aims to be a more refined drinking experience, with its dark wood panelling and tables made from wooden barrels. It's cosy and intimate here, which is refreshing after the large-hall style of the previous few establishments. The pizza's here are a must try, and the beer is great quality.

Beer to try: The witbier here was great, but the hefeweizen won out as a solid workhorse of a beer.

5. Windmill Craftworks

Windmill was the most grown-up of the breweries I went to, with luxurious furniture, shelves of books to read and a small stage that sometimes plays host to jazz performances. In short, it’s the one to take your parents to, which I did. My parents ended up loving it; the food is great, especially their kebabs and the small terrace garden is a really nice space. Their beers are high quality and there isn't a single weak one in their roster.

Beer to try: After a work friend complained about how Stouts tend to be the worst beer at most Bangalore breweries, I was especially in awe of the one here. It has strong notes of chocolate and coffee, and manages to not be watery. I'm not normally a fan of stouts but this one was memorable.

6. Biergarten

Biergarten is a favorite in Whitefield, the tech neighborhood in Bangalore. The entirely open air bar offers large  1-litre tankards of their beers and comfy lounge seating making it great for groups.

Beer to try: The farmhouse ale here was a solid choice.

Bangalore's brewing scene impressed me. The beers were great and the bars were fun. While cracking a cold one wasn't quite the same without my friends it was a good chance to see more of this city and make new friends. I highly recommend giving these breweries a try if you are ever in town.