When my friends came to visit me in LA over this spring break, we lived it the f**k up. As a native, I know all of the best spots. Here are some of the highlights of our LA food extravaganza over spring break. 

Kazu Nori

Let's just say I started my spring break off with a bang. Before my friends arrived, I went solo to Kazu Nori and sat at the beautiful handroll bar. 

When you walk in, you are given the option of several handrolls that range from toro to scallop. The warm, sticky rice perfectly complements the fresh fish and crisp seaweed. 

Claudine Artisan Kitchen and Bakeshop

When my crew arrived, they wanted an easy salad and sandwich situation close to my house. My immediate idea was Claudine's, because they know what's up when it comes to lunch. 

My go-to at Claudine's is a chicken chopped salad with crisp, multicolored tomatoes, sliced pepperoncini, and small salami cubes included. My favorite thing about this spot is the fact that I can eat a relatively healthy meal without being bored. 


My friends were insanely impressed by this quaint spot in Silverlake. Sawyer's specialty is simple, fresh American food in an Instagrammable environment. 

I was especially impressed by the freshness of their vegetables and seafood. Both the branzino and broccolini I ordered were cooked and seasoned to perfection. 


I was abnormally excited to show my East Coast friends what real sushi is like. Naturally, I figured Sugarfish would be the ideal place to take them over spring break. 

While it's possible to order à la carte at Sugarfish, I highly recommend that every sushi lover orders the "Trust Me" or "Trust Me Lite". The "Trust Me" special includes tuna sashimi, a couple of handrolls, and a fantastic variety of nigiri.


If you're a Korean BBQ enthusiast like I am, I suggest you pencil Genwa into your bucket list. Not only is the meat incredibly fresh and high quality, but they also bring the table about twenty fun, unique side-salads (bonchon) to munch on before the main event. 

Chateau Marmont

If you feel like putting on your sunglasses and floppy hat to indulge in a luxurious brunch, the Chateau is the place for you. Aside from the charming old-Hollywood vibe, the brunch is excellent. 

I ordered avocado toast (which I am extremely picky about as a Californian) and was quite impressed. The poached egg on top and zesty tang to the avocado spread made it all the more delectable.

As I return to Boston with a full stomach and empty wallet, I already find myself missing my incredible food tour of Los Angeles. I sit in my tiny dorm room reminiscing of my memories with the palm trees, warm weather, but most importantly, Sugarfish.