Houston, with its variety of different cuisines and fusion restaurants, is a foodie hub that can boast a hefty price tag if you want the best of best. But fear not, it's possible to eat out when you're broke as hell. Here are 25 restaurants in Houston that care about your wallet just as much as you do. Yeah, you're welcome.

1. Thien An 

Thien An boasts one of the best Banh Mi sandwiches for the unbeatable price of $3.25 per sandwich. You can get the authentic taste of Vietnamese cuisine without feeling broke AF.

2. Goode Company BBQ

Looking for that southern barbecue fix? Goode Company BBQ hits the spot with their mouthwatering sandwiches. Their brisket sandwich is a filling and smile-inducing dish at a wallet-friendly price of $7

3. Fat Bao

Hit up this Asian-fusion joint for an interesting take on steamed bao buns. Priced at around $3.50 a piece, Fat Bao's buns are filled with tasty creations like spicy Thai chicken, s'mores, and fried soft shell crab.

4. Tiger Den

To satisfy those ramen cravings, check out Tiger Den. Bowls start at $8.00 and leave you wishing that you could stomach seconds.

5. 100% Taquito

These tacos are so simple, and that's what makes them so addictive. For $3.99, you can feel good knowing you're broke enough to afford a full meal that's the same price as a pack of gum.

6. Sweet Paris

Get your Parisian feels at Sweet Paris, the shop that has sweet and savory crepes galore, as well as the option to create your own. Crepes start at $7.25 and are incredibly filling.

7. Yoyo's Hot Dog

This hot dog stand is a shining beacon of hope when you're hungry and struggling to get home at 2 am. At $4 a pop, Yoyo's fully-loaded dogs should be your last stop of the night.

8. Shipley Do-nuts

Shipley Do-nuts is a Houston classic. I can't tell you what they do differently than any other donut shop, but whatever it is, they should never change it. Their classic glazed donuts are too good to pass up. I'm already walking to my car.

9. Torchy's Tacos

Torchy's Tacos are a Houston favorite that everyone and their mother raves about. Add a side order of their mind-bogglingly (is that a word?) delicious queso to complete your order. Side note: the queso has guac mixed inside. Dude, go.

10. Tacos A Go Go

If you couldn't already tell, Texas has a serious taco problem. But so do we. These munchkins start at $2.59 each, so show some love and get your grub on.

11. Jus' Mac

For the broke cheese lovers everywhere. I have never respected a person, place, or thing more than I respect a restaurant dedicated to feeding me cheese and carbs at a budget-friendly price. Jus' Mac doles out personal portions of mac and cheese that start at $5.95

12. Bubba's Texas Burger Shack

Bubba's changed the game with their buffalo burgers. At $6.25, these glorious bites will make you wonder why you ever ate beef burgers in the first place.

13. Good Dog

I know a good dog when I see one. Head on over to Good Dog for a variety of flavors and creative hot dog concoctions all under $10

14. Treebeards

For big portions and Cajun-style cooking, Treebeards Restaurant has you covered. From gumbos to jambalayas to shrimp etouffee, Treebeards gets you the goods for under $8.

15. Oishii Japanese Restaurant

Oishii never ceases to amaze me. There's no other place in Houston that serves quality sushi rolls for under $5. Applause please.

16. El Rey Taqueria

El Rey Taqueria is a Houston favorite that fulfills your heart's desire with every bite. Head on over to try this local favorite for a fantastic price.

17. Aka Sushi House

Get your sushi fix with the lunch special at Aka Sushi, which includes two sushi rolls and a side for just $10. Then pat yourself on the back because you've never spent this little on sushi. 

18. Paulie's Restaurant 

For major bang for your buck, stop by Paulie's Restaurant to get heavy pasta portions that will keep your wallet and your stomach happy. 

19. Pluckers Wing Bar

Pluckers, Houston's wing gods, brings you tasty treats with a variety and sauces and dips that can't be beat starting at $8.

20. Frenchy's Chicken

Houston gifted our hungry stomachs with Frenchy's Chicken. This palace of fried goods will keep your stomach satisfied for under $10

21. Alamo Tamale & Taco

Alamo Tamale & Taco might be the only place in Houston that makes tamales taste homemade. These babies are made with love and you can taste it in every grease-filled bite.

22. The Waffle Bus

If chicken and waffles make your heart melt, then look no further. The Waffle Bus truck will have you singing their praises once you try some of their unique eats starting at $7.

23. Gyro King 

Gyro King knows what the people want, and they deliver every time. Get a lamb gyro for $7 and have your bank account singing you praises. 

24. The Doshi House

For all my vegan peeps, Doshi House has a great menu that includes Creole red beans and rice and Thai coconut curry with red mushrooms for $7.

25. Luigi's Pizzeria

Last but not least, Luigi's Pizzeria is always a great way to end the day with their pizza slices starting as low as $3.25.