You've probably heard of Tavern in the Square, but get excited, because they just opened a new location in Allston! Tavern in the Square Allston serves as a local bar stop for Boston college students, but the inviting atmosphere, expansive bar, and dozens of flat-screens broadcasting the latest sports game are just the start of what this spot has to offer. 

The menu at Tavern in the Square Allston is overwhelming, but in the best way possible. With vegan, vegetarian, and meat eater options sprinkled throughout, it's almost impossible not to dine here and be satisfied. No option was lackluster in the slightest.

The shining stars on the table were definitely the Blackened Tofu Tacos, the Monsta Mac Burger, and the Street Corn Nachos. Disclaimer: You are going to want to lick the screen after getting your eyes on these absolutely delicious dishes.

The Blackened Tofu Tacos

Jordan Bialock

What's better than one type of cheese? Try three. The Blackened Tofu Tacos came with a bit of a kick courtesy of the chipotle crema, but the mango salsa, guac, and generous amount of cheese were a 10/10 in my opinion. 

I was hesitant about how good these tofu tacos would be, but the chipotle crema did not disappoint, and the taco trio had the perfect crunch with each bite.

The Monsta Mac Burger

Jordan Bialock

If you follow as many food accounts as I do, you've probably seen something like this all over Instagram, and I was super excited to see that this mac and cheese creation was on the menu. The Monsta Mac Burger was beyond delicious in all of its cheesy glory. Whoever came up with the idea to put a burger and mac and cheese together was a genius. Bonus: the fries were crispy, delicious and extra salty, just how I like them.

The Street Corn Nachos

Jordan Bialock

The Street Corn Nachos were a bit spicy, but the trio of sauces (salsa, sour cream, and guac) that came with it, plus the chicken on the side, made the nachos our go-to appetizer. The cheese pull (as pictured above) was legendary and Tavern in the Square Allston gave plenty of options for customization, from guac to salsa to adding pulled pork or chicken.

Overall, I can't wait to try the cocktails next time around and I left wanting to come back for more. Petition for Spoon Northeastern to try every item on the menu before graduate? Honestly, I would be totally fine with hitting up this delicious spot once a week. For classic comfort food, but with a kick, Tavern in the Square is my new go-to.