Oh what a wonderful time of the year. The month of November and December are my favorite months and here’s why: Homestead Creamery eggnog!

Christmas has finally arrived and we all know what that means — "Santa Claus is coming to town" with his elves and reindeer helpers. As the holiday season approaches, the air is being filled with joy and happiness, and in my opinion, it's all because of one thing.

Forget the jingles, mistletoes, and baked goods; the best part is none other than the shelves being stocked with the famous spiced eggnog made from a mixture of eggs and milk.

Once associated with the elite during the medieval era, this popular drink is now an annual tradition in America. Whether spiked or flat, eggnog is the perfect beverage for all ages.

“Get in my belly!”

Kattyana Adrien

The rave has begun. Homestead Creamery eggnog will have you screaming for more. This sweet, cold, creamy drink possibly comparable to the Manna that fell from the sky during biblical times is POPPING.

Here at Earth Fare in the beautiful city of Gainesville, everyday is Black Friday where locals fight to get their sticky hands on this seasonal product. Reminiscent of ice cream in liquid form, this zesty drink has certainly proven itself to be worth the wait.

Homestead Creamery Eggnog vs. Other Eggnog

Kattyana Adrien

What separates Homestead Creamery from the rest? Simply put, its richness. It can add pounds to the lips, hips, and thighs, though, so take it slow. Sipping on water may help with washing down the heavy sugar content. From a family farm to a grocery store, this eggnog is authentic to the core containing no artificial hormones.

In addition, it is nicely designed in an environmental friendly glass milk bottle resembling something of the 1930s — slender in the neck and reusable.

Fair warning — for those of you who are lactose intolerant, make sure to take a lactate pill before drinking this bad boy. It is not for the faint of heart! 

Benefits of Homestead Creamery Eggnog

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Kristine Mahan

Finals are near and as college students seek the perfect food and drinks for comfort, I recommend Homestead Creamery eggnog for a quick fix. Trust me when I say it will take the edge off and remind you of home. #Nostalgia.

Need ideas for a great eggnog recipe? Check out Pinterest for hundreds of recipes. Some great ideas are eggnog vanilla cookies, eggnog banana pudding, eggnog rum, eggnog caramel ice cream, eggnog pancakes, and the list goes on. Happy holidays, and happy eggnogging!