There’s fried goat cheese in the salad and bacon in the Brussels sprouts. Home Wine Kitchen knows what’s up.

This hotspot was voted St. Louis’ favorite restaurant in 2012 and proves that neither swank nor unpronounceable French words are necessary for culinary fame. Although its location leaves much to be desired (it’s on a busy road, with a glaring Shop N Save across the street), the ambiance is refreshingly modest, homey, and clearly inspired by the trendy local food movement. Even more inspired is the menu, which is changed weekly and completely abandoned on “No Menu Monday,” a $25 shot in the dark that provides each diner at the table with a different three course meal at random.


Photo by Libby Perold

The regular dinner, lunch and brunch menus are similarly impressive, and manage to include almost only seasonal ingredients from the Maplewood Farmers Market. Each dish is given a subtle flair: the mussels we ordered came in a sweet apple reduction and the pork was accompanied by a warm bread pudding. Even the simple side of string beans didn’t fail to amaze. In the dessert department, the kitchen really excels. The traditional lemon tart with raspberry sauce was a refreshing conclusion to the meal, and the hearty blueberry cobbler has warmed the hearts and stomachs of many customers.

All in all, Home Wine Kitchen puts a fresh and creative spin on otherwise classic, home-cooked meals. Although the place isn’t super fancy, the prices still aren’t exactly ideal for the college budget, so keep it in mind for your next special occasion. Did someone say parents weekend?


Address: 7322 Manchester rd, Maplewood, MO 63143

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 11am to 10pm,Tues: closed, Sun: 10am to 9pm


Photo by Libby Perold