It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’re from: if you go to College of Charleston, you will have gone to Persimmon Cafe at least once. With the new extended hours, you can enjoy what is debatably Charleston’s greatest sandwich shop until 9 pm. Persimmon Cafe has a unique atmosphere, due to its location inside the College Laundry, a local laundromat.

The most surprising fact about Persimmon Cafe is that it has been a part of Charleston for less than 3 years. Persimmon Cafe is locally owned by Robert and Kristen Cassi, who also help local and student organizations on campus with percentage nights.

Now let’s get into the tasty bits.

1. Nutella & Toasted Marshmallow Custard 


Photo courtesy of Ali Gaissl

Everyone who has been to Persimmon saw this one coming from 100 miles away. Someone woke up one morning and blessed the world with this masterpiece: Nutella custard that is topped with marshmallows and lit on fire in front of you. There is nothing that the melty toasted marshmallows on top of cold Nutella goodness can’t cure.

2. Adult Grilled Cheese



Photo courtesy of Kristen Kita

Gouda, cheddar, apples, and prosciutto? For under 7 dollars? Yes please.

3. Basil Limeade and Vanilla Lemonade


Photo courtesy of Persimmon Cafe

There is honestly nothing like a basil limeade or vanilla lemonade. Basil limeade is my personal favorite drink downtown; it has the perfect balance of tangy and sweet. Vanilla lemonade sounds like two things that are very different, but they’re strangely perfect together.

4. Orzo Pasta Salad


Photo by Kristen Kornbluth

I mean, it’s topped with goat cheese, and it’s under $2. How could it not make the list?

5. The Specials


Photo courtesy of Persimmon Cafe

Now, I know that the specials aren’t technically a holy grail menu item since they change daily, but that is the beauty of their menu. Each special is something new and interesting and I definitely recommend grabbing one before they disappear the next day.

Plus, with almost everything on the menu under $10, it’s always a move for lunch or dinner on a budget.

Did I mention they deliver? I’ve ordered Persimmon to the library before when I had no hope of seeing the sun. No matter what you’re craving, Persimmon is pretty much guaranteed to deliver.