Exploring the grocery store is one of my all-time favorite pastimes. The best part is finding products that are inexplicably fantastic that I wouldn't have found on an average day. Trader Joe's, I've found, is the best grocery store to adventure in.

Trader Joe's is home to so many wonderful food items, like Speculoos Cookie Butter or "Two Buck Chuck." But some of the superstars go a bit unnoticed... that is, until they were discovered! (By me, some friends, and of COURSE my mother). Here are among some of the most rock-your-world Trader Joe's products you may not have known about...

1. Vanilla Almond Spiced Chai

Josh Lees

This protein-filled concoction (16 grams per serving!!) has the power to turn a day from ick to sick. This non-dairy drink boosts energy like none other. Every time I finish a run, I crave a bottle of this vanilla almond spiced chai, mostly because I know I'll feel extra replenished.

2. Gnocchi al Gorgonzola

Josh Lees

Whenever I'm caught daydreaming, it's usually about a nice, warm bowl of this gnocchi al gorgonzola. Warm, cheesy, gooey, and everything you need in a bowl, guaranteed to satisfy.

3. Tarte au Brie et aux Tomates

Josh Lees

Although this thin-crust pizza may be considered just an appetizer, it's worthy of a meal in my book. Tarte au brie et aux tomates includes crème frâiche, cherry tomatoes, brie, whole-grain mustard, and fresh basil to top it off. Pro tip: cook in the oven an extra minute than the package says for an uber-crispy pie.

4. Chicken Chile Verde Burritos

Josh Lees

Microwaveable burritos will always have a place in my heart. But these burritos are something else. A few of the many selling points are there are two burritos found in one package, they take just a few minutes in the microwave, and they're dairy free. Whether it's 2pm after class or 2am after the club, chicken chile verde burritos are always appropriate.

5. Everything Bagel Seasoning

condiment, herb, pepper
Alex Frank

If you love the flavor-explosion of an everything bagel, but on EVERYTHING, this is the seasoning for you. Fantastic on avocado toast, hummus, Challah bread, and a multitude of other things, everything bagel seasoning tastes great on, you guessed it, EVERYTHING!

6. Organic French Roast Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Josh Lees

If you find yourself constantly in need of a caffeine-boost, look no further than this concentrated version of cold brew coffee. With 8 servings per bottle, it'll feel like endless coffee! Concentrated cold brew coffee is just like regular cold brew, but with a higher amount of coffee per volume.

7. Popcorn with Herbs and Spices

Josh Lees

Imagine popcorn, kicked up a notch with some ~class~ and you get popcorn with herbs and spices. I've found it nearly impossible to just have a few, this popcorn is unstoppable.

18. Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Josh Lees

The perfect partner to pita or tortilla chips, Trader Joe's has mastered the art of microwaveable spinach and artichoke dip. I used to go through around 4 of these bad boys a week, thanks to their addictive qualities.

9. Kettle Cooked Chicken Soup 

Josh Lees

On a cold, dreary day, nothing is better than kettle cooked chicken soup from TJ's. It comes ready to heat up, and tastes just like how my grandmother makes it. 

10. Unsweetened Organic Açaí Purée Packets

Josh Lees

Other than being wildly trendy these days, açaí tastes great and is full of antioxidants. In this convenient packet-style packaging, unsweetened organic açaí purée packets are ready for anything. From smoothies to breakfast bowls, these packets are a great addition to any dish.