If you've been looking for a quick, casual pizzeria in the St. Louis area, you're in luck. Chris Sommers, owner of Pi Pizzeria (former President Barack Obama's favorite pizza restaurant), just opened 'ZZA across the street from WashU. PI and 'ZZA—get it?

It won't take long for you to fall in love with Sommers' new fun and modern pizza and salad restaurant. Here are 10 reasons why 'ZZA is worth a visit this summer—or maybe a few visits. 

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Gabrielle Altman

1. It's close to campus

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Gabrielle Altman

Located at 282 N Skinker Blvd, 'ZZA is right across the street from Brookings Quad next to some of our favorites—aka Kayak's and Bobo Noodle House.  Sam Fox students and engineering students should get especially excited about this additional lunch and dinner option (read: ideal for those long hours in studio). 

2. It's convenient

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Gabrielle Altman

If you're in a rush, you can order your food for pickup online or on the 'ZZA smartphone app, which helps to avoid the lines. If you don't feel like walking over to the restaurant, you can even have Postmates deliver your food.

3. Everything is under 10 dollars

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You can get any customizable pizza or salad for just $9—a major win for everyone on a tight college student budget. 

4. They accept bear bucks

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Gabrielle Altman

If you're wallet is still looking a little too empty or if you're bank account balance is making you cringe, you can use your WashU student ID to pay for your order.

5. The aesthetic is unreal

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Gabrielle Altman

Between the black, white, and red color scheme, the sleek wooden tables, and the modern art that covers the walls, your artistic side will surely be satisfied inside 'ZZA. Even its website and Instagram match the vibe of the restaurant atmosphere, making it so much harder to resist stopping by for dinner.

6. The pizza is even better

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Gabrielle Altman

Choose from one of nine unique and tasty pizzas on the menu, or create your own pizza from the extensive list of toppings that 'ZZA offers. Some highlights from the menu include the Thai Dye pizza and the Garden City pizza. With crispy crust and a perfect sauce to topping ratio, 'ZZA pizza is bound to become your favorite. 

7. There are healthier options too

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Gabrielle Altman

'ZZA offers a wide variety of freshly made salads that are way better than your run-of-the-mill house salad. The salads have plenty of unique ingredients and tasty dressings, such as strawberries, jicama, and honey dijon dressing. You can even create your own salad using any of the available toppings.

8. It will meet all of your dietary needs

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Gabrielle Altman

Even if you're a vegetarian, vegan, or have a food allergy, there is something for you at 'ZZA. The option to customize your order allows anyone to create a meal that fits their eating habits. You can even get gluten-free pizza crust for an extra $2.

9. It's already growing

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Gabrielle Altman

'ZZA is opening on the Central West End this fall. Another location is also coming soon to downtown St. Louis.

'ZZA is open Monday-Saturday from 11am-10pm and Sunday from 11am-9pm. If you aren't already convinced that 'ZZA is the best new restaurant in the area, go check it out and see for yourself.