Let's be honest: There's no shortage of brunch spots in Chicago. Nothing beats hunting down a quirky, hidden gem of a restaurant that serves mean omelets and other brunch staples. That's where Lula Cafe comes in. The epitome of an unconventional brunch experience, Lula Cafe is a must-try. Trust me, you're going to want to try this place. Recently, I tried Lula Cafe, and I've got the scoop on this artsy restaurant.

The Atmosphere

Natalie Ser

Head's up, a seat at this popular spot comes with a hefty wait time. I arrived with four friends on a Sunday morning, and the wait was about one hour. Fear not, you can order drinks and pastries at the bar while you wait. You can also take some time to soak up the rustic, artsy decor of the place. 

As one of the pioneering restaurants of Logan Square's culinary scene, Lula Cafe delivers a farm-to-table selection of food. Serving a self-described "risky but grounded" menu, Lula Cafe offers brunch, cafe and dinner that proves both simple and sophisticated. Think steak tartare, beet bruschetta, and a six-course vegetarian menu. Try to contain your excitement (I know I couldn't).

Creativity isn't lacking when it comes to Lula Cafe and its brunch menu. Warning: You'll spend a big chunk of time debating on whether to order the shrimp po'boy-inspired breakfast sandwich, sweet corn and grits, or zucchini bread French toast. Why not order all of them? Lucky for you, I ordered two popular items: Smoked Trout Scrambled Eggs and Zucchini Bread French Toast. 

Smoked Trout Scrambled Eggs

Natalie Ser

Cooked with whipped cream cheese and topped with arugula and dill, this dish steps up your scrambled eggs game. The pillow-soft eggs pair well with bits of savory trout. Honestly, it'll make you feel like you've been eating eggs all wrong your entire life. The side of potatoes are fried to a golden crunch, and these guys will satisfy any and all potato-lovers.

Zucchini Bread French Toast

Natalie Ser

Surprisingly not too sweet, the Zucchini French Toast is topped with a dollop of sherry pastry cream, raspberries and candied citrus. The dense, moist zucchini bread combined with the candied citrus creates a heavenly mix of sweet and tart. You may never look at French toast the same way again.

With two popular dishes under my belt, I wholeheartedly suggest you try Lula Cafe in Chicago. Consisting of artsy decor and a unique menu, this place is all the rage. Lula Cafe is the best brunch in Chicago your inner-hipster self didn't know you needed. Come for the food, the vibes and a good time with friends.