Meetings play a major role in any organization. They're the easiest option available to discuss event ideas, new targets, accomplishments and most importantly, helps in team building.

As a leader, I've realized that arranging meetings isn't a cakewalk. You've to keep in mind a lot of things- points to be discussed, the date, time and venue. Actually, I'll rearrange the last part- venue, date and time because finding a "good meeting place" is a tough job. 

I faced a similar dilemma while looking for a place for our induction meeting. An induction meeting, being the first meeting of the semester has to be good. I wanted a place which could accommodate around thirty people and was spacious enough for the ice-breakers and group activities.

And, then I came across the Hearken Cafe- a gem in Shahpur Jat. Now, without wasting much time, I'll tell you why this place is an ideal meeting place.

1. Cafe and Coworking

wine, cake, beer
Bhavya Bansal

Situated in the heart of Shahpur Jat, Hearken cafe is a quaint and cozy place. This cafe is a new addition to the trend of co-working and cafe. What does that mean?

Coworking is a style of work which involves a shared working environment, where people from different fields/organizations work together to share equipments, ideas and knowledge. It's different from the regular office environment and is a special attraction for work-at-home professionals, startups and freelancers.

Hearken Cafe takes the trend of coworking a step ahead. You can now order your favorite pizza, sip your strong coffee and work in the coolest surroundings. 

2. Managed By Specially-Abled Staff

Ayushi Gupta

Before visiting the place, what grabbed my attention was the name of the cafe. Hearken means "listening" in ancient English. This cafe was started by Smriti Nagpal, who has grown up with siblings with speech and hearing impairment.

Smriti's whole aim was to employ people who have this disability and bring them to join the mainstream and inspire people to communicate in sign language. She created a place where all barriers are broken between the deaf and mute employees and foodies, who come from different parts of the city.

You can learn the sign language through the alphabets' frames placed on the wall and place your order using the same. The idea behind this is pretty simple- you come here with different languages learned, but leave this place with just one language i.e., the sign language.

3. Our Favorite Part: The Food

cheese, meat, vegetable, pepper, pizza, tomato, sauce
Bhavya Bansal

Coming to our favorite part of the meeting- Food! We ordered the Paneer Tikka Pizza, Masala Fries and Margarita Pizza, which were toothsome for our foodie members.

Apart from the cozy atmosphere and flavorsome food, Hearken cafe has a small book shelf for all book lovers, you can pick a book and enjoy reading. They also have the rooftop area, which is functional during the winter season- PERFECT for any meeting, no?