Without a doubt, the perfect way to end any meal is with a delicious dessert. The desserts in Berkeley, California restaurants such as tiramisu from Pasta Bene on Telegraph or soft serve from Super Duper show that this concept is no stranger.

While turning towards the traditional restaurant scene to satisfy your sweet tooth is one way to go, Berkeley is also home to many eateries that have the sole intention of appeasing your sugar cravings. From funnel cakes to chocolate and ice cream, Berkeley has it all.

Amongst all these scrumptious places for dessert in Berkeley, quite a few are lesser-known. So, here is a list of five hidden gems to try the next time you are craving something sweet.

Endless Summer Sweets

Camille Fang

If you are looking for carnival or county fair foods, Endless Summer Sweets located near Shattuck Ave and Channing Way is for you. Not only are corn dogs, hot dogs, deep fried Oreos, and caramel apples on its menu, but there are also funnel cakes, the ultimate carnival delicacy. 

Endless Summer Sweets serves signature funnel cake flavors such as s'mores, but I'd argue that the classic powdered sugar and strawberries funnel cake beats the rest with its timeless combination of fruitiness, sweetness, and straight up goodness.  

Casa de Chocolates

As soon as you enter this cozy establishment located near Ashby and College Ave, you are welcomed by the delicious smell of chocolate. As the name suggests, Casa de Chocolates sells artisanal chocolates inspired by Latin America in both flavor and design. Not only do these chocolates taste phenomenal, but each chocolate has a unique appearance and vibrant color scheme.

Casa de Chocolates makes all of the chocolates in-house, so you can see the process. The staff is extremely friendly and allows you to try a selection of the chocolates before making a decision. Try some of the signature bonbons such as Mole, Chipotle Caramel, and Jamaica (hibiscus) in addition to more traditional varieties such as Brazilian Sea Salt Caramel, Mayan Espresso, and Mexican Vanilla.

Yogurt Park

Tiffany Tran

Located in an alleyway near Telegraph and Durant Ave, it is quite easy to miss Yogurt Park; however, no dessert list can be compiled without including it. Yogurt Park serves a varied selection of frozen yogurt ranging from the classics to seasonal flavors such as pumpkin pie and caramel apple.

Yogurt Park keeps the menu to six flavors a day and rotates them on a regular basis so you won’t get tired of the same flavors. If you are a traditionalist, do not worry as Yogurt Park always has chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt on hand. Additionally, the flavors of the day are always posted on Yogurt Park’s Instagram so you know in advance which ones to look forward to.

#SpoonTip: If you are stuck between two flavors, ask the staff to go half-and-half. 

A Dora Pie

Camille Fang

Now combined with Blue’s Chocolates, A Dora Pie—located by University Ave and Milvia St—serves some of the best pie I have ever eaten. The buttery, flaky crust acts as the perfect base for the equally delicious fillings.

While all of the pies I have tried have had something great to offer, my favorites would have to be the Chocolate Silk Pie (creamy, chocolatey filling) and the Pear and Pistachio Pie. Additionally, I recommend taking the pie slice to-go and enjoying it in the rose garden located behind the pie shop. 


Cynthia Liu

New to the city, Milkbomb has quickly captured the hearts of food-lovers of all ages. Milkbomb recently opened its Berkeley location by University and Shattuck Ave where it serves creative, unique flavors of ice cream. 

Try the Milkbomb sandwich—a donut ice cream sandwich—with one of the unique flavors offered. I recommend Good Morning Vietnam (Vietnamese coffee), Creamy Horchata, and Blue Dream (vanilla ice cream that is dyed blue and mixed with cookie and brownie bits). 

Dessert has always been something I enjoy, whether homemade or from these hidden gems in Berkeley. Each place has different dishes, flavors, and specialties, which is one of the many things I love about the Berkeley food scene. So, the next time you are looking for dessert in Berkeley, check out these hidden gems as you never know what you might be missing.