Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the United States from September 15- October 15. If you're anything like me, you crave Hispanic foods any day of the year, but this is a great time to celebrate it.

Food is one of the best ways to celebrate and appreciate a culture and its history. From every farm, to the local chef, to a grandmother’s recipe box, food tells a story. It can tell us about family, religion, tradition, and more. Food represents not only a region of geographically unique crops, but a cultural community. Whether it’s a 100 year old tradition, or a newly brainstormed fusion recipe, food always finds a way to remind people of home.  

Even though Hispanic Heritage Month is nearing its end, it is always a great time to try out some of these awesome Hispanic  food spots on Oahu.

Thyda's Tacos 

Madelyn Waddell

It's no secret that good Mexican food can be hard to find in Hawai'i. Especially for homesick mainlanders. But Thyda's Tacos may just be the answer. Thyda's Tacos is located on Queen Street in Kaka’ako, just down from Whole Foods. This L.A. taco inspired spot cures all your Mexican food cravings and more. With a wide variety of meat and sauce options, everyone is sure to find something that they will love. It is just about the closest thing on island that you will get to those California style street tacos that we all know and love. Served with fresh radishes and limes, you cannot go wrong here. This spot is speedy and delicious with prices that you can't beat.

Mami's Empanadas

Madelyn Waddell

Don't worry, we're talking about all Hispanic foods here, not just Mexican. Mami's Empanadas is a Cuban and Colombian inspired food truck in Waikiki. Their wide variety of amazing empanadas leaves you wanting to order everything on the menu. They have everything from your good old chicken and potato empanadas to an adventurous pineapple and cheese flavor (which is also amazing). You can even order some in bulk with their "Take and Bake" option where you're able to order a dozen frozen empanadas for under $40, and trust me, you will highly consider this option. Mami's also offers amazing Cuban sandwiches and Colombian style corn. This is a great alternative if you need a 'pick me up' after the beach and have been on a constant diet of Spam Musubis.

My favorite- The beef and potato empanada is a game changer. I highly recommend it with their signature "green" sauce. 


Madelyn Waddell

The vibe in Alejandro's on a Taco Tuesday is enough to get anyone over the hump of the week. With live music, a great bar, and friendly staff, you're sure to be a regular here. Alejandro's is quick and convenient with many options of Mexican foods. The bar specializes in different flavors of margaritas, all of which are great, although my favorite is the watermelon which tastes just like a watermelon sour candy.

This is a great place to grab tacos with friends and hang out. I highly recommend checking it out to celebrate this Hispanic Heritage Month.

Aloha Mamacita

Madelyn Waddell

If you've been on Instagram in the past year, chances are you've seen videos of epic cheese pulls or consommé dunks of the highly acclaimed birria tacos. The birria craze is definitely worth the hype, but they can be difficult to find on Oahu. Well, look no further. Aloha Mamacita is a fusion Asian and Hispanic food spot. Along with the highly 'instagrammable' birria, Aloha Mamacita offers a wide variety of baos, including birria bao! The meat is cooked to tender perfection and the consommé is very flavorful. They even have a birria ramen! This fusion restaurant will have you exploring new food combinations and loving every second of it. 

El Gallo

Madelyn Waddell

This Hispanic Heritage Month, I encourage you to try something new! El Gallo is a Peruvian food truck parked at Mother Waldron Playground on weekdays. This place has made me a regular Peruvian foodie. Anticucho is a twice marinated beef served on skewers. El Gallo serves this with their huacatay sauce, rice, potatoes, and grilled corn and it is worth every penny. You'll want to buy the sauce by the bottle. Their Chicha Morada is a purple corn fruit punch that has a fun spice to it while still being very refreshing. This place is a must go. Whether you are in the area or not, you need to make the trip.


Madelyn Waddell

Serg's is a student favorite here in Manoa. With prices like $2 tacos on Taco Tuesday and 75 cent guacamole, what's not to like. Serg's has an immense variety of Mexican food. They have anything from carne asada loaded fries to fresh elote (both pictured). Seriously, this place has everything. Their breakfast menu from 10-12 has great breakfast burrito options, or come later in the day for the amazing enchiladas. They even have menudo! And don't even worry about bringing something to drink, they've got you covered! I highly recommend trying out the horchata or jamaica. With a friendly staff, great environment, and killer food, you're sure to find yourself calling this place a regular hang out spot.

If your'e homesick for some good tacos or looking to find a new favorite, definitely check out these Hispanic food spots. They can be a rare find here on Oahu, but they're worth the search. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the best way possible!