Lick Honest Ice Creams is a small, locally run business dedicated to sustainability and to the full production of ice cream flavors inspired by the great state of Texas. Additionally, Lick creates its ice cream using only seasonal, local ingredients. While Lick has everyday flavors, they also incorporate seasonal flavors that change periodically. The following are just a few Lick ice cream flavors you don't want to miss out on.

Everyday Flavors

Texas sheet cake is a combination of chocolate-pecan icing and chocolate ice cream, with a few crunchy surprises thrown in there. Definitely one for the chocolate lover.

Roasted beets and fresh mint is a vibrant pink ice cream made with roasted Johnson's Backyard Garden beets, and a hint of mint. If you're down to try something new, this flavor will tingle your taste buds.

Goat cheese, thyme & honey is one of my newest favorites, and is very underrated. Austin's velvety Pure Luck goat cheese is blended perfectly with Good Flow honey and local thyme to create a subtly delicious, creamy ice cream. 

Vegan chocolate chocolate is currently my go-to order. Rather than containing dairy milk, coconut milk gives this ice cream a tangy undertone you won't find in any other non-dairy chocolate ice creams. 

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Seasonal Flavors

In addition to Lick's everyday flavors listed above, the ice cream shop is known for its changing seasonal flavors. Until April 2018, you can find the following flavors at their local shops.

Grapefruit with champagne marshmallows is made from house-made marshmallows folded in a tart grapefruit ice cream. This flavor is a surprising palate-pleaser.

Chocolate peanut butter brownie is an obvious, to-die-for selection for the mushy Valentine's Day date you've probably been planning since New Year's Eve. 

Coconut caramel cream is another coconut based ice cream for the dairy-free fans. The mix of coconut and caramel blends perfectly into a whipped dream.

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Orange caramel brandy is a tangy twist on caramel ice cream, with the addition of G&S Groves oranges, brandy, and orange zest.

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Be sure to stop by Lick's soon to get a taste of these wonderful flavors!