As a DC native, I often find the city crawling in interns come summer. Yes, this article is for you DC interns because I too completely understand the pain of spending all your internship earnings on food during the summer. Hen Quarter, I'm looking at you.

Trust me, I know you don't wanna miss out on any of the DC bucket list classics, such as Ben's Chili Bowl or 2 Amy's Pizza, but don't forget to add Hen Quarter, a go-to for chicken in waffles, to your list of must-tries if you're living in Washington DC this summer.

So, what is Hen Quarter?

There's a new kid on the block when it comes to DC foodie bucket lists. Hen Quarter, a recently-opened chicken and bourbon restaurant in Penn Quarter, is the place to go if you're looking for authentic southern eats and a bourbon cocktail. The best part? They are open all day.

With that, here is your guide to Hen Quarter come breakfast, luncheon, supper, and more:

HQ Breakfast Fare

Start off your day at work with Hen Quarter breakfast, which they start serving at 8 am. Get their famous chicken & waffles, or if you're looking for more protein, try their Virginia Ham steak & eggs

Heads up: HQ is now serving waffle breakfast sandwiches as well. You really cannot go wrong when starting your day with Hen Quarter.

HQ Luncheon Fare

syrup, waffle
Gillian Andes

If you choose to stop by on your lunch break, try the chicken salad tartine, or opt for something lighter, like the kale and strawberry salad. Or, if you are really feeling decadent, you can get their famous chicken and waffles for every meal–including lunch.

HQ Supper Fare

For dinner, treat yo' self to an appetizer or bring your friends from work and share a few. The pork belly pops and the fried green tomatoes are two of the most popular appetizers. 

Then, try their newest addition to the dinner menu, the Eastern Shore Crab Cakes. These crab cakes aren't drenched in bread crumbs, as most crab cakes are. You can enjoy them with grits, or substitute a side salad for a health-conscious alternative.

If you want to get an authentic southern item for dinner, try the Hen Quarter special–two pieces of chicken, smashed Yukon potatoes, collard greens, and a biscuit–or try a little bit of everything with the Southern sampler, which comes with HQ chicken, roasted chicken, Delta catfish, succotash, and, of course, a biscuit.

HQ Drinks

Looking to take advantage of their bourbon collection? Order a Hen Quarter Julep or their newest cocktail, the Bourbon Bandit, named after a man who stole $3,000 worth of bourbon from their Penn Quarter location.

HQ Dessert

To finish off your Southern eating experience at Hen Quarter, end your meal with one of their famous funnel fried Twinkies. You will probably ask for an additional one to take to-go.

Want more? If you don't feel like venturing to the heart of DC to enjoy this Southern cuisine, you can visit HQ's other locations in Silver Spring and Old Town Alexandria. Or, visit their fast-casual location in Reston Town Center, Hen Penny.

Regardless of where or when you try this fresh Southern food, it is a must before you end your summer in DC. Don't head back to school without some chicken & waffles at the newest chicken and bourbon joint in the Nation's Capital.