The Hello Kitty Café is a sanctuary for Hello Kitty lovers big and small. The Hello Kitty Café is a dessert truck that serves baked goods. After it made its official debut at "Hello Kitty Con" in October 2014, it has been traveling to various events and festivals across the country. This year Georgia was one of the lucky states where it made its first debut.

Though you can expect to wait in line for more than half an hour, you will not have to worry about dying from boredom, as you will meet three types of people. First, there's the 6-year-old girl who will entertain you with her Hello Kitty doll, as you become her next best friend. Second, the parents who do not understand the fascination with Hello Kitty. And lastly, the adult who will never grow too old for Hello Kitty — aka people like me. 

The people are great, but of course the main reason you sought out the Hello Kitty Café was for the food. Here are the three treats they serve up guaranteed to take you away into a state of euphoria.

1. Macarons

These bite-sized beauties may have been $15, but were by far my favorite. They had Hello Kitty on the vanilla bean macaron, and a cute little bow on the strawberry, green tea, oolong, and orange-flavored macarons. My picks for the top flavors were the vanilla bean and green tea. I could literally eat 100 of the vanilla macrons, and the green tea ones had a unique nuttiness to them.

The orange-flavored one tasted like Fanta Orange without the fizziness. Sadly, the strawberry was my least favorite, as it was like a PB&J sandwich but without the peanut butter. Oolong was interesting. The color looked like a Smurf, but the filling tasted like a rich piece of melted Dove chocolate.

2. Petite Cakes

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If you thought you had a sweet tooth, you might reconsider after trying these $12 itty bitty bombs of sugar. If you don’t want your little siblings to sleep for the next few days, definitely give them a pack of this. With your first bite into it, the gooey icing will start to melt in your mouth, and these dense vanilla cakes will give off a slightly lemony flavor.

Fair warning, do not attempt to eat the whole box in one day, as your mind will be in a sugar high state as you pass out across your bed.

3. Sugar Cookies

When you combine a sugar cookie with Hello Kitty, you get this fabulous $12 masterpiece. I actually stared at Hello Kitty for a good second before she disappeared from my hands and into my mouth. In this cute little box, you'll get cookies decorated like Hello Kitty, her classic pink bow, and the frame of her little ears.

Where will Hello Kitty Café be next?

You can catch the Hello Kitty Café Truck in Miami on October 22nd and Orlando October 29th. If you don’t live in Florida, be sure to follow them on Facebook. If you want to get the ultimate experience, stop by their permanent location at Irvine Spectrum Center in California, which opened up July of this year. Their Hello Kitty Café Pop-Up Container is a sit-down café that serves specialty items, such as their mixed berry tart, strawberry cakes, and latte’s.