Smoothies and smoothie bowls are the absolute perfect go-to snack or meal, and no place is more perfect for these nutritious treats than Hello Juice and Smoothie. Located just about 10 minutes from WashU's campus and downtown St. Louis, Hello serves as both the perfect café and study spot. Their menu features smoothies, smoothie bowls, waffles (that are both gluten and dairy-free), avocado toast, bone broth, and much more.

And if the menu options aren't enough for you, they also have a grab-and-go fridge with pre-made salads, juices, and other beverages. Hello uses natural and healthy ingredients, guaranteed to make you feel good about what you are putting in your body. Almost everything on the menu is gluten free, and most of it can be made vegan as well. Whether you have a dietary restriction, are on a health-kick, or just want a really good smoothie, Hello is the place for you.

What to Order

My personal favorites are the açaí bowls and the waffles. I have now been to Hello four times, and I've tried something new and delicious every time. You can't go wrong with the OG açaí bowl featuring the classic açaí base with berries, bananas, granola, and coconut on top. The bowl is $9.75, which I think is a reasonable price given the size of the bowl. If you are looking for something bigger, Hello also sells "Monster Bowls," 16 ounce smoothie bowls that come in unique flavors that cost a few more dollars but provide you with much more food.

Hello's menu is uniquely seasonal, and fall has brought many new and exciting options. The menu currently includes a sweet potato bowl, which admittedly sounds unusual but is delicious. It consists of a rich and creamy sweet potato and banana base, topped with granola, nuts, cranberries, and more. It tastes like sweet potato pie and is an amazing fall treat. 


Addie Bard

Hello Juice and Smoothie feels very homey and has a cozy aesthetic and natural atmosphere. You can watch the employees take the fresh fruit and make your smoothie right in front of you, and the wall resembles grass. There is an extensive amount of seating, both indoor and outdoor, so whether you bring your friends or come for a new study environment, you can find somewhere to settle in. Beware, though: the longer you stay the more menu items you will be tempted to try.

If you love Hello, be sure to check out these similar spots in the St. Louis area. Staying healthy while at college can be challenging, but the spots nearby make it so much more delicious.