If you’ve ever spotted their chocolates at the Connections check-out, you probably have a good idea of what Hedonist Artisan Ice Cream is all about. Let’s preface this by saying people walk miles to get to the Hedonist’s small window-front on South Ave in the South Wedge district (true story, ask my friend Jodi). She introduced me on a snowy, 10 degree night, when a warm bed and a mug of hot chocolate seemed far more enticing. Well, the Hedonist did have a Mexican-style drinking chocolate you can get drizzled over vanilla or espresso ice cream in the rich affogato option. There were also gluten free and lactose free sorbets, low on the ice, heavy on the flavor, and a vast assortment of toppings.


Photo Courtesy of Bonnie Wu


Photo Courtesy of Bonnie Wu

But I had my eye on something else. At that time, it was the roasted garlic ice cream with a white wine reduction that had caught my adventurous eye. And with an endless supply of free samples at my disposal, I gave it a go. Savory, then suddenly sweet, with the aftertaste of one of Grandma’s meals (if you have an Italian grandmother, I know you feel me). It was an ambitious bite, and might not have been the perfect one, but I could certainly appreciate the artistry. Seldom do you find a place where the menu has such a bold risk. Did I mention these risky flavors rotate out every week?


Photo Courtesy of Bonnie Wu

What really delivered was the Hedonist’s salted caramel ice cream. Whoa Nellie! It’s the perfect combination of richness, with a strong dollop of malt but just a hint of salt, that oozes over their homemade waffle cones like lava flowing from a volcano. That is a deceptively small over-exaggeration. See?


Photo Courtesy of Bonnie Wu

With an eye for detail and a consistently high performance in the flavor department, the Hedonist is a perfect end to a spring date night. Just make sure you save room in your wallet and in your stomachs. The price per waffle cone is $5.40 with tax, a bit of a wallet breaker for students. Remember though, everything is homemade and served in large portions.  So call it a treat for the next date night, the arrival of spring, the A you got on an exam or just because you feel like indulging yourself. We all have a bit of Hedonist in us.


Location: 672 South Ave.

Hours of Operation: Sun-Thurs: 10am-9pm, Fri-Sat: 10am-11pm

Check out their website or find them on Facebook for up-and-coming flavors and concoctions.