When someone asks you what your favorite food is, isn't pizza automatically one of your first thoughts? Deep dish or thin crust; Chicago style or New York style, pretty much everyone enjoys that cheesy, greasy slice of goodness. Plus, going out and getting pizza and drinks with friends isn't a bad idea either. So when you're searching for a place to go and indulge your taste buds, do any restaurants specializing in pizza and alcohol come to mind? In Tuscaloosa, that's where Heat Pizza Bar comes in with their full sized bar and extensive pizza menu. 

The Booze

Heat Pizza Bar opened it's doors in Tuscaloosa in 2015 serving almost exclusively pizzas, salads and appetizers. What sets the establishment apart from its competitors however, is its beer, wine and cocktail selection. Half the restaurant is dedicated to the bar space where a whole wall shows off the bottle selections. Bartenders are always at the ready to take your order.

The Food

While the large beverage menu might throw off some visitors, Heat Pizza Bar hosts a friendly environment for anyone looking to have a good time with friends. They also cater to families wanting to get out of the house for a unique slice of pizza besides just the usual cheese and pepperoni. Their specialty pizzas include the Spinach and Artichoke and Thai Chicken for those who like a spicier pizza. They also have some more creative pizzas such as The Reuben, putting a pizza twist on the classic sandwich. They also offer gluten free options so everyone can enjoy. 

Giving Back

Heat Pizza is also big on serving their community and campus organizations. They'll team up with Spoon Bama an hold raffle nights and events where part of the proceeds are given back to that organization. They also support local bands and singers, setting up an area for them on their outdoor patio for customers and patrons to enjoy.

Foodies, look no further than Heat Pizza bar when searching for a pizzeria to dine at. Indulge yourself in a fresh slice of pizza with boozy beverage to wash it down and #treatyoself.