I'm guessing that if you attend the University of Arizona, you are very familiar with all the on-campus restaurants. From 'Core' to 'Iq', the medium-sized menus can get a bit exhausting after a while. For those who are trying to eat healthy and try something new, here are some healthy food fixes near the University of Arizona. 

1. Goodness Fresh 

This is by far the most 'aesthetic' restaurant. With wooden counters and silver chairs, it has a very artistic and hipster feel. Rather than having a professional waiter/waitress, Goodness has a 'Chipotle'-esque line and a water container. This is a healthy food option because all natural ingredients are used in this 'farm-to-table' restaurant. With varying breakfast to dinner menus, the far most popular option is the acai bowl. With colorful variations, there is an option for every college student. My personal recommendations are the 'mango jungle acai bowl' and the 'grilled cheese and tomato soup'. 

2. Choice Greens 

For those salad lovers, this is the food option for you. Choice Greens is unique because you can mix and match the salads with a large variety of ingredients. Choice offers even more than it's on-campus competitor Core. Whether you're in the mood for a zesty, lemon salad or a teriyaki chicken salad, there is a salad for everyone. With quick service and a clean environment, this is the perfect place to stop by for a lunch break. I would recommend the 'avocado club panini' and the 'strawberry fields salad'. 

3. Blue Willow 

Whether you are on a girls brunch date or a romantic lunch, this is the perfect place to go. Although there is often a wait on the weekends, Blue Willow is definitely worth it. Blue Willow used to be a home that has since been converted into a restaurant. With a soothing atmosphere and a lovely patio, this is definitely a unique place to dine. With tucked away tables for intimate conversation, the healthy meals complement this cozy restaurant. With customizable ingredients, there are vegetarian specialized meals and health-conscious options. Some of the most popular dishes here are the 'Blue Willow Special' and the 'Chicken Salad Sandwich'. 

4. Govinda's Natural Foods    

This is the perfect restaurant for vegetarians and vegans. Described as being an inspirational restaurant for those meat lovers, this peaceful restaurant has a flavorful and savory cuisine. Rather than making customers feel lethargic and stuffed, Govinda's meals are noted to make you feel energized. Something that adds to this peaceful ambiance is the fact that there is a koi pond and mini bird sanctuary in the back of the restaurant. I would personally recommend checking out one of their famous buffets, where you can try an assortment of curries and cooked vegetables.  

5. B Line

Conveniently located on Fourth Avenue, this restaurant is one of the most accessible healthy eats near the University of Arizona. With a simple sign and a small range of seating options, 'B Line' is definitely an underrated eatery.  With a lot of vegan options and fresh ingredients, the meals are said to be flavorful with the right amount of spices. With a similar ordering structure as 'Goodness', this is another great place to go on a brunch outing with your friends. Some dishes that I recommend are the 'steak salad with avocado dressing' and the 'farafelle pasta with chicken'. 

I'm sure that you are familiar with some of these restaurants, but I hope that this mini bucket list will help you discover some new ones. Tucson's food culture is often overlooked, and these restaurants are necessities for any student who appreciates a good meal.