#SupportLocal is the biggest thing happening in Hawaii, because we love all of our local businesses that work hard every day to provide us with amazing food, products, and services.

ShoreFyre has always been a local favorite from the day they opened their first spot, and we’re so excited about their newest location at the International Market Place.

Corina Quach

The Space

The new ShoreFyre is located on the third floor of the International Marketplace, next to Stripsteak. They have a spacious seating area wonderfully designed to remind you of the beautiful colors of Oahu’s oceans and sky, along with an open lanai seating with a great view of Waikiki.

It’s easy to take the beauties of Hawai’i for granted, so we love that Shorefyre’s atmosphere and location reminds us of this charm.

Corina Quach

The Food

The family-friendly restaurant offers two menus: Breakfast is served until 11:30am, from which the lunch and dinner menu begin. We were lucky enough to try both menus, and these were our favorites:


50/50 Loco Moco:

For the non-locals reading this, a loco moco is a famous dish in Hawaii that consists of rice, a beef patty, fried eggs, all topped with gravy. Sounds delicious right? Well, ShoreFyre somehow elevated their take to a whole. new. level.

We’re talking Hawaiian-style fried rice, a beef patty made up of beef and bacon (who doesn’t love bacon?), caramelized onions, and two eggs, doused in their savory gravy. 

Corina Quach

Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes:

Banana Pancakes are a classic combo (so classic that Jack Johnson wrote a whole song about it), but Shorefyre doesn’t just stop there – they load up their plain, light and fluffy pancakes with local bananas and a generous amount of crushed macadamia nuts. The pancakes weren’t as sweet as most places, so you can be more flexible with how much syrup you use (we drenched our pancakes and we have no regrets).

Corina Quach

Hawaiian French Toast:

I’ve never been a big fan of French Toast, because I find that they’re usually pretty flavorless and dry, but ShoreFyre exceeded my expectations yet again. They used Sweet Hawaiian bread which gave the dish flavor and moisture that other places usually lack, and they garnish it with a generous amount of local blueberries and bananas.

What I loved most about this one was how well the French Toast soaked up the maple syrup! I’ve found that the few times I’ve eaten French Toast at other restaurants, I constantly had to douse it in syrup, but this one was different – it was like a one-and-done, so you could focus more on eating, and less on syruping.

Corina Quach


Poke Tacos:

Unless we’re talking Spicy Ahi, I’ve never been a huge fan of tuna. However, the Poke Tacos strangely caught my attention, and let me tell you, it was a Poke Taco like no other. The combination of savory ahi and crispy taco shells were a 10/10. It may look challenging to eat at first because the taco shells are PACKED with fresh ahi poke, but that’s where the utensils come into play. Crack the taco shells on your plate and top it off with a cube of ahi. You will feel the flavors dancing on the tip of your tongue. 

Seoah Yun

50/50 Deluxe Burger:

The next thing I tried was the 50/50 Deluxe Burger. The burger came with a side of fries - regular or garlic. I went with the garlic fries and I am so glad I did - The garlic wasn’t as strong as most places, which made it the perfect side. When my server told me I wouldn’t be able to finish the 50/50 Deluxe Burger by myself, I secretly laughed. On the menu, the burger looked normal - how would I not be able to finish it? Oh boy was I wrong! The size of the burger is up to average standard, but the thickness of the meat patty wasn’t. Just like the 50/50 Loco Moco, the burger is also made up of 50% beef and 50% bacon. Honestly, who wouldn’t love that? The flavor of the patty filled my mouth instantly once I took a bite. If you are a meat lover, I highly recommend that you try this menu out. 

Seoah Yun

Surf & Turf:

When we were handed the menus, my eyes immediately went to the Surf & Turf. Two of my favorite things were packed into a single dish and I had to have it. The steak was tender and juicy, and the shrimp was flavorful with garlic seasoning. The dish comes with a side of salad and rice. Another thing that made me love the dish even more was the price. $19.95 for steak AND shrimp in Waikiki? Every cent was worth the meal. How could I ever say no to that? 

Seoah Yun

#SpoonTip: Request a table on the outside lanai right before sunset to get an unreal view of the Hawaiian sunset.