Artichoke pizza? I'd rather not, was my initial impression after hearing a vibrant suggestion from a friend to try this novel dish. I HATE artichoke and the thought of combining it with a food I so dearly loved completely repelled me. You can't have two polar opposites sitting on top of each other, literally. Or so I thought... 

Artichoke Basille's Pizza

More specifically, my transformative experience occurred at Artichoke Basille's Pizza, one of the most famous pizzerias in New York City, which as you can guess, is well known for their artichoke pizza. It features a diner type setting with multiple booths and a bar in the mid-left region of the restaurant. Further, Basille's highlights a very retro feel, with checkered patterns, old-fashioned windows, and rather unique forms of art made from recycled cans. Not to mention, the Chelsea Market location is beautifully found as a corner store between W 17th Street and 10th Ave. So whether you're drunk or sober, you have the rest of the area to satisfy those unheard cravings. 

But the real question is... What does artichoke pizza taste like? 

Creamy, Creamy, and Creamy

Upon devouring two inordinately large slices of artichoke pizza, they were by far the creamiest, thickest, and most belly-satisfying food I've ever had in my life. Made with not shredded, but rather blocks of mozzarella cheese coupled with California artichokes and finally smothered in a white creamy sauce consisting of 25 ingredients with a heavy mayonnaise and ricotta taste, it is no wonder that it's deemed the most delicious slice of pizza in New York. A truly satiating piece for a very reasonable price too!

Ethan Cai

Pizza Time

I was very impressed with the consistency presented. My taste buds rejoiced as the savory, creamy cheese flavor melted in my mouth and masked the taste of the artichokes. The freshly prepared handmade dough also proved its worthiness with a flaky and buttery texture. Generally, I am unwilling to try new combinations of foods I don't like, but this serendipitous incidence has convinced me to reconsider. This is definitely not your average combo, but rather one of the most unique. And only the adventurous can truly feel such a decadent sensation.