Food is the #1 way to any college student’s heart. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart a spark with your date, or simply seeking to treat yo’self this Valentine’s Day, Harrisonburg has some great options for you and your tastebuds to truly fall in love.

Bella Luna’s Wood-Fired Pizza


Courtesy of @bellalunawoodfiredpizza

What cuisine is more reliably romantic than Italian? Bella Luna’s menu offers a rustic and tasty selection of homemade pizzas and pastas. Bella’s tends to get packed though, so make sure you get your reservations in before the big date.

Pro-Tip: After hitting Bella Luna’s up, run across the road to their other five-star counterpart, Bella Gelato & Pastries Shop, for some dank dessert.



Photo by Emily Kohl

CubanBurger is the leather-jacket-wearing, dreamy-eyed, hunk-of-a-restaurant that will give you a date with a menu so heart-crushingly tasty, there’s an equal chance you’ll leave more in love with the food than anything else in your life.

You can’t go wrong, even if your date is vegetarian, because they’ve got something to satisfy everyone. With suave mood lighting and tasty appetizers, like the ah-mazing fried yucca and plantains, you can trust knowing the foodie in you will definitely be getting lucky (as far as dinner goes, wink, wink).



Courtesy of @Foodbarfood

Not sure what type of food you’ll be in the mood for yet? Food.Bar.Food has got your back. If you’re not sure what you or your date are going to be craving in the moment, this is a go-to for a guaranteed great meal. Known for their spunky drinks and eclectic menu, get ready for a party in your tummy.

The Artful Dodger


Courtesy of @artfuldodgerlounge

The Artful Dodger is as flexible a venue as your appetite is, serving up the babe-of-all-brunches. Whether you’re single or matched up with a special someone, the Dodger will be a great spot. You’ll never fail to find something tasty to eat, sweet to drink, or something beautiful to look at in this groovy Harrisonburg staple.

The Little Grill


Courtesy of @feliciamorgan94

Ah, The Little Grill. My heart already flutters at the thought of their daily breakfast and lunch menu, which is phenomenal all year round. In addition to their usual hours and vegan/vegetarian friendly options, they’re putting on a special V-Day event this year providing you (and your someone special) to experience a one-of-a-kind four course dinner. Uhhh, sign me up.