Have you ever had to skip out on a kick ass night downtown because your bank account felt emptier than your pocket? I know the feeling. Now, all thanks to the dankest bars downtown, you can no longer feel bad about cutting into savings for the most delicious and cheapest drunk of your life.

1. Ruby’s


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If they weren’t already, Thursday nights just became your new best friend. Every Thursday it will only cost you $3 for a vodka drink. That’s cheaper than a subscription to Netflix. $8 Netflix and chill or a $3 buzz? I’ll take the buzz, please and thank you.

2. Billy Jack’s

Want a brunch that's out of the world???✨?? then COME TO BILLY JACKS. 11-2 is our killer brunch.

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Billy Jacks has the best weekend brunch hook-up. Not only is it the land of Sticky Nugs and all things mouth-watering, but they have $1.50 mimosas every Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm. Still feeling tipsy from the night before? Keep that rush going and dive into some bubbly without having to cry about your bank statement later.

3. Cuban Burger

I have never cried over incredible savings until now: $2 PBR, Sol, and Tecate every damn day during Happy Hour from 3 pm to 6pm. If you’re not a fan of (cheap) beer, I can guarantee we will never hang out, but fear not, Cuban Burger will still give ya the goods.

$3 off hand crafted cocktails and half off well cocktails are other options for those looking for a faster, stronger, yet deliciously cheap drunk. In case you stay past Happy Hour on Tuesdays, be sure to snag a half priced burger to help you avoid that Wednesday am hangover. Drinks AND a meal for under $10? You know where to find me on Tuesdays.

4. Artful Dodger

Team Trivia – Whiskey Edition. Tonight, 8pm.

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After you get your fix at Ruby’s on Thursdays, be sure to wander on over to the Dodger. For two bucks you can experience some lip-smacking shooters you have ever had the pleasure of purchasing. That’s two, one-dollar bills. Eight quarters. Twenty dimes. Getting drunk is now cheaper than a load of laundry. Bless you Dodger, bless you.

5. Union Station

Easter dinner in Harrisonburg ?

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If you’re tired of beer and downing rails or if you are just an extra fancy lassie, then Union Station is the place for you. Every Tini Tuesday you can feel like Carrie Bradshaw for only five bucks. All specialty Martinis are only $5.
Not a fan of Martinis but know that in your heart of hearts that you’re the classiest of them all? Stop by on Wine Down Wednesdays for a $5 glass of ANY wine. Life hack: get the most of Abe Lincoln and find the wine with the highest percentage of alcohol.

6. Capital Ale House

From 3 pm to 6:30 pm Monday through Friday Capital Ale has all sorts of deals worth crying over. Tears of joy that is. $3 off house specialty cocktails for all you liquor lovin’ fools, $1 off draft beers for those who consider themselves my friends, and $2 off wine for those days you’re feeling wise and emotional.

7. Downtown Wine & Gourmet

Happy Hour

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I am not sure whether to be proud of this or feel like Robin Hood, BUT for those of you who literally have a budget of zero dollars, but are beyond desperate for a wild Friday evening, allow me to introduce you to a serious game changer. Downtown Wine & Gourmet samples a wide array of wine from 5pm to 7pm.

Now it won’t cost you a penny, but it may leave you feeling like a literal dingus. If you’re up for round two and don’t mind leaving your dignity at home, stop by on Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm for free beer tasting. Self-worth or free alcohol? I think you know the right answer.