What Is The Farmers Market?

The Farmers Market at the University of Maryland takes place every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p. in front of Tawes Hall (Tawes Plaza Garden.) This season of the farmers market will end November 14th.

The farmers market allows students, faculty and community members to purchase goods: fresh apples,  wine, beeswax products and even fresh meat and eggs! 

Local Love

All of the vendors that are at the farmers market are from the surrounding area of the University of Maryland. The market teaches everyone the importance of supporting local businesses and sustainable agriculture. My favorite part is engaging with the vendors, because they are local companies living in the College Park and surrounding areas. 

I absolutely love to get a nice, crisp apple from McCleaf's Orchard and walk around and look at the other vendors!

However, my favorite stand at the farmers market is PinkAva Coffee Company!! Most people love some coffee on a beautiful fall day, but PinkAva Coffee Company is not your ordinary coffee. The coffee has such a distinct and smooth taste. They have delicious drinks they sell at the farmers market; my favorite is the iced chai tea cold-brew coffee...absolutely delicious.

PinkAva coffee company was started by fearless woman and breast cancer survivor, Stephanie Nichols.

The company has a coffee roastery in Capitol Heights, Maryland, right outside of Washington, D.C.  The roastery just opened in March. 

The Inspiration For PinkAva Coffee Company:

Stephanie is a cancer survivor and her fight charged her to change career paths. She wanted to open up a business that served the community and gave back to the community. Stephanie started roasting coffee beans in her home garage, and that has transformed into an awesome business. Now, they roast their coffee beans on a giant hot pink commercial-grade roaster --  so fitting for supporting breast cancer. 💗 

How Do They Give Back To The Community?

With every purchase PinkAva Coffee company makes, they donate 10% to breast cancer research. This allows Stephanie and her company to tie her love for coffee and the breast cancer community together.

What They Have At Their Stand?

PinkAva Coffee Company sells several single origin roasted coffees and a couple of blends of their own roasted beans. They also have hot coffee, speciality cold brew drinks (pumpkin, chai and caramel to name a few) and nitro cold-brew coffee. 

Environmentally Friendly:

I love how they serve their cold coffees with paper straws for saving the sea turtles, but also they are bright pink straws...so cute!

Final Thoughts:

Stephanie loves the University of Maryland Farmers Market because she can engage with students and faculty, (who are always wanting coffee,) in such a fun environment to explain her story.

Bottom Line: Go to the Farmers Market if you live in the College Park, Maryland area or go to The University of Maryland. It is a must-have to support local businesses and get some delicious food and drinks, but also make sure you stop by PinkAva Coffee Company's stand!

I will see them next Wednesday!