There are days when you just need to eat obscene amounts of chocolate, it’s a known fact and it’s totally ok. Now the realization that “I NEED CHOCOLATE NOW” can hit you anywhere at any time and if this happens to occur while you are in Brookline/South Campus BU, you are majorly in luck!

Let me introduce you to the chocolate halva bomb from Tatte Bakery. The first time I saw it gazing in my direction from behind the refrigerator window I had to know what those three layers of chocolate halva goodness were.


Photo by Phoebe Melnick

When I saw the enormous wedge they cut from the dome shaped cake walking in my direction I could have cried tears of chocolate joy. But there was no time for that. The bomb is like a grown up ice cream cake composed of three harmonious layers – The center a soft halva (a middle eastern confection typically made of tahini or other nut butter) surrounded by a thick layer of chocolate mousse and finished with a generous coating of dark chocolate ganache. The cake looks picturesque lying on its side as all of its beautiful layers are revealed.

The fork glides steadily down the slice to gather some of each layer in the first bite. The layers are solid from being refrigerated, but as it comes up to temperature the edges where the cake meets the plate slowly begin to melt.

The light cocoa flavor of the mousse is delicate at first, letting the creamy texture coat the inside of your mouth, but intensifies as it continues to melt gently.

The halva is like a light sesame marshmallow rice crispy treat, adding a light crackle of nutty tahini to the dessert. It’s thick and grainy yet soft and sticky at the same time.

The ganache shell surrounding the confection begins to soften once it hits the air outside of the refrigerator, becoming silky and fudgy yet still a little bit firm.


Photo by Phoebe Melnick

All of the textures are harmonious, no layer too firm or too soft, and your fork can always move slowly and luxuriously through each layer to compose the perfect bite.

Basically the chocolate halva bomb, will grace your taste buds with all that is good in the name of chocolate. It’s a great dessert to share, but let’s face it, there are those times where you just don’t want to share…and you DON’T have to!


Location: 1003 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446

Hours of operation: Mon–Fri: 7am–8pm, 
Sat 8am–8pm
, Sun 8:30am–8pm