Halo Top Creamery has opened up a soft serve ice cream and scoop shop in Los Angeles that foodies and health nuts alike are dying to try. Halo Top is a low-calorie, low sugar, and high-protein ice cream that has rocked supermarket aisles across the nation. Statistics show that Halo Top is the best selling pint of ice cream in America, exceeding sales of both Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry's. Now, Halo Top will be available in a whole new way in Los Angeles, California.

 The Incentive Behind The Shop

According to Halo Top's founder and CEO Justin Woolverton, "Our goal with the Scoop Shop is to let our fans add all the toppings they could possibly want to a soft serve version of Halo Top — which is incredibly delicious and ditches the tanginess of frozen yogurt.” It's evident from Woolverton's statement that he wants to reinvent the frozen yogurt scene by improving the flavor composition and allowing for customization. Considering all of the hype surrounding their fro-yo, I'd say he and the rest of Halo Top has succeeded. 

The Location

The shop is located on the second floor food court in the Westfield-Topanga shopping center. Don’t worry if you don’t live in LA, because Halo Top is doing lots of giveaways for those who live far away. Be sure to check all of Halo Top's social media platforms to keep up to date on the news.

The Menu

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The flavors that the shop offers include fan favorites such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, peanut butter cup, and birthday cake. Don't forget to ask for a sample, because you'll definitely want to try their rotating flavors as well. As far as nutrition goes, a 4oz. serving ranges from 70 to 100 calories.

You can have your soft serve in a cup, cone, or "puffle cone", the latter of which is very similar to the Instagram famous bubble waffle. You can order your ice cream with your favorite toppings, including marshmallow sauce, brownie bites, Cap'n Crunch, strawberries and more.  The brand may soon offer Halo Top soft serve on vegan or protein cookies.

Unfortunately, I have not been to the shop myself, but in a BuzzFeed review of the Halo Top Scoop Shop, the author only has good things to say. According to the review, one of the best toppings is the birthday cake bites and the peanut butter flavor is perfect for Reese's fans.

As if the scoop shop couldn't get cooler, there's a secret menu! It currently includes black puffle cones, pink and teal tie-dye waffle cones, and churro style waffle cones.

The Future

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Halo Top will soon be releasing an app where fans can enroll in a loyalty program in order to receive points towards free treats and other prizes. If you live in the Los Angeles area, I'd definitely recommend downloading the app when it comes out.

Although Halo Top has not yet announced plans for other locations, hopefully the success of their first brick-and-mortar encourages them to open up more shops across America. For my sake, I hope it's coming to NYC next!