Have you ever heard of an ice cream that has more grams of protein per serving than sugar? We never had before Halo Top came along. 

Some have dreamt of living in a world where ice cream is healthy. I'm glad to say that we have now accomplished that. Halo Top creamery makes a healthy ice cream that uses stevia (a natural sweetener) rather than sugar. 

One serving of a basic Ben & Jerry's flavor (not one with mix-ins and what not) which is only half a cup will run you 250 calories. Yes, you read that right—250 calories for half a cup of ice cream. One serving of the same amount of a Halo Top flavor will only run you 60 calories. I'm freaking out too, so don't worry if you're on the border of going into cardiac arrest. 

As a native New Yorker who lives on the Upper West Side, I was ready to take a long subway ride all the way downtown or even to Brooklyn to get my hands on a pint. But, luckily, Halo Top is sold at so many chain grocery stores all around Manhattan.


Yep, you can buy this ice cream without leaving your couch. Practically a dream come true. You can order from a link on the Halo Top website here. Halo Top is also for sale at one of the most popular online grocers, Fresh Direct.

Upper West Side

Halo Top is available at so many Upper West Sider's go-to grocery stores. You probably have overlooked a few pints of Halo Top while reaching for your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor at Gracefully, Barzini's or even Kosher Marketplace.

Chain Grocery Stores

If you don't live near any of those other grocery stores, Halo Top is carried at a ton of chain grocery stores! Some of the most notable grocery stores that you probably go to all the time are Fairway, Whole Foods and Westside Markets.

#SpoonTip: Even if you don't live on the Upper West Side, you can find stores near you that sell Halo Top on the halo top website.

Now, all ice cream loving Upper West Siders, go forth and ice cream healthily!