If you haven't heard about it yet, NYC's Halal Guys, a famous food cart in Manhattan, has gone next level and started opening franchises internationally. As soon as Halal Guys opened in Montreal, I had to go see for myself what this insane hype is all about.

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Helena Lin

Over the years, Halal Guys has gotten its reputation mainly on its white sauce, the mysterious sauce that's creamy and full of unknown herbs and spices. 

The Ambience

Helena Lin

Unlike the food cart along the side of the bustling streets of NYC, Halal Guys in Montreal is tucked away on Mackay street between Maisonneuve and Saint Catherine. The restaurant itself is set up much like any fast food joint. 

The Food

To get a sampling of everything, I ordered a regular gyros plate, a chicken sandwich and a falafel sandwich. Of course, they were all smothered with the famous Halal guys white sauce and some hot sauce as well. 

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Helena Lin

The gyros was very flavourful and packed full of spices that are, of course, a secret. The chicken was also super tender. Unfortunately, the falafel sandwich was an extreme let down, there wasn't enough falafel and it wasn't very fresh either. 

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Helena Lin

Be warned: Halal Guys isn't kidding around with their hot sauce. They only give you a tiny squiggle of sauce for a reason, it packs a mighty punch.

The Verdict 

Unfortunately, in my opinion Halal Guys didn't stand up to the all the buzz. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy my meal. However, I think that with so many great options already in Montreal, that Halal Guys simply wasn't worth the premium price.

For me the Montreal institution Boustan is the way to satisfy my craving for schwarma. It's always hot and fresh, not to mention a bang for your buck. Plus, who could say no to those garlic potatoes!

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Helena Lin

As for falafel, no one can beat the prices at restaurant Nilufar. Halal Guys definitely wins the game for white sauce, but I have to go with my gut and my gut will always crave some garlic potatoes after a night out.